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What are 4 parts of a sound wave?

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longitudinal , transverse, crust, trough
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Which part of the ear collects sound waves?

The pinna of the ear collects sound waves. This is the part you see on the side of the head.

Name the 4 main parts to a sound wave?

Compression,Amplitude,Pitch/Frequency(They`re related),Rarefaction,Trough,Crest(They`re is more than 4 main parts) This is 5th Grade Stuff... Non-main parts of a sound wave: W

Two parts of a sound wave?

Frequency (or equivalently, wavelength) and amplitude. Frequency determines the sound's pitch (high or low). Amplitude is the volume (loud or quiet).

What are molecules in the compression part of a sound wave?

Sound waves that are compressed are made of (air) molecules that are more densely concentrated - that is (ie) more molecules are packed into the space of the compressed wave t