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What are Ernest Hemingway's nicknames?

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Earnest Hemingway had several nicknames of which "Papa" was the name he was best known by. The nickname "Papa" was given to him by his children as was the nickname of "Bumby". As a youngster Hemingway was given the nickname of "Oinbones" by his sister. In high school Hemingway gave himself the nickname of "Hemingstein". Then later because of his love of boxing and the outdoors he was known as "Champ". Hemingway's first wife Hadley and his son by Hadley used the nicknames of "Ernestoic", "Tattie", "Tiny", and "Wax Puppy". In some other circles Hemingway was known as "Wemedge", however, the most common nicknames he was known by were "Ernie", "Hem", and "Hemmy".
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