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You have alternatives when there is more than one possibility and you can choose between at least two things.
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What are alternatives to small claims court?

  Mediation and arbitration are very good alternatives to small claims court. They can be especially attractive if your claim exceeds the small claims court jurisdictional

What are alternatives to Gatorade with less sugar?

The best alternative is water. It keeps your body hydrated well and in doing so keeps your heart pumping better and it is easy to process on the kidneys, pancreas, and liver.

What are alternatives to rotator cuff surgery?

A majority of those with rotator cuff syndrome respond to conservative non-surgical approaches. Conservative therapies include.heat or ice.medication.cortisone injections.rest

What does an alternator do?

  An alternator is an electromechanical device that converts mechanical energy to alternating currant electrical energy.

What are alternatives to a herbst appliance?

A herbst appliance is used to fix overbite of 5mm or more, and it works best when the patient is still growing because it is actively guide the lower jaw forward and the upper

What are alternatives to mosquito sprays?

purple martins, the birds, if you put a large martin house in your yard , they eat their weight per day in mosquitos. The town of Sanford , Florida has them approx every hundr

What are alternatives to peripheral vascular bypass surgery?

Peripheral vascular bypass surgery is a mechanical way to reroute blood, and there is no alternative method. Alternative ways to prevent plaque build-up.include nutritional su

What are alternatives to oil and natural gas?

Renewable energy (solar, wind, water, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, biomass and biofuel). coal,wood

What are alternatives to plan b?

Certain types of birth control pills can be taken as a substitutefor the Plan B pill. This information came directly from my doctor,and I have used this method as a substitute

What are alternatives to the car?

To help stop pollution, and save you money, you can try riding a bike, taking public transportation, walking, or reverting society back to the horse and wagon.