What are cactus habitats?

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Answer #1: They are found mostly in desert areas. Answer #2: There are two main native cactus habitats. One is the hot, dry desert. The other is the warm, humid jungle forest. But the cactus is a most adaptable plant, and can grow well anywhere that it benefits from appropriate levels of nutrients, moisture, light, and heat.
Cacti are found in a variety of biomes in the Americas, including deserts, grasslands, rainforests, ets.
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How is a cactus adapted to its habitat?

it is spiky so that animals do not eat it or kill it, the spikes also help it to catch water when it rarely rains and it hold the water in for a long time and uses it very eff

What is a cactus' natural habitat?

a cactus plant lives in deserts, in dry areas because it obsorves nutrient and minerals from the soil and it can produce juice (water) and it can hold it for a very long time

What is the habitat of cactus?

A desert because it needs the heat in able for it to grow. There are many places on the planet where cacti grow, not all of them are extremely hot, but all of them are very

How do cactus plants adapt to their habitats?

Cactus plants adapt to their extreme habitats by specializing body parts and functions . For example, the roots concentrate on anchoring the plant and on capturing nutrient

How are prickly cactus adapted to its habitat?

cacti can store tons of water in their stem, and bacause they have a waxy outer coating, the water doesn't leak out. cacti also have really sharp needles to protect them from

What is the barrel cactus' habitat?

A barrel cactus [ Echinocactus and Ferocactus spp ] is native to the desert habitats of the southwestern United States of America and of northern Mexico . Among the six

What is the native habitat of the barrel cactus?

The native habitat of the barrel cactus ranges from the southern United States of America to Mexico . It's called the barrel cactus because of its barrel shape. It also is ca

What is the cactus wrens habitat?

The Cactus Wrens' habitat is desert thickets and cacti. Its range is from southern California, southern Nevada, Utah, and western Texas southward.

How is cactus adapted to it's habitats?

To survive, desert plants have adapted to the extremes of heat and aridity by using both physical and behavioral mechanisms, much like desert animals. Plants that have adap
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How cactus is adapted to its habitat?

Spines help to protect it from predators. Thick body can store a lot of water for long days in the desert. Long roots help take up as much water as possible. small and spiky l