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Cliff Notes are a series of student study guides available primarily in the United States. The guides present and explain literary and other works in pamphlet form or online.
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A car drives straight off the edge of a cliff that is 54 m high The police at the scene of the accident note that the point of impact is 130 m from the base of the cliff How fast was the car travel?

Equation: v=d/t, meaning velocity equals distance divided by the time interval. Divide 54m by the five to get the time. Then divide 130m by the time you got to get the speed;

What is a sea cliff?

  A sea cliff is a high, steep rocky formation that is found on the edges of land on the coast. Sea Cliffs are quite common features found along exposed coastlines. They a

What is cliff notes?

  Cliff notes are like Foot Notes and are simply there to give the reader more detail or explain something in the text. they are usually designated with a number next to t

Short note of red cliff award?

Redcliff Was a bhenchod man ... He took bribe from hindos and MAde unfair with PAkistan* ... The Randi ka bacha redcliff Is in Now In Hira MAndi ,,,

What is a sentence for cliff?

I have just driven over a cliff. This cliff is very steep and colorful.
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What is cliff regrading?

Cliff regrading is restructuring the face of a cliff to make the gradient less steep. This is an example off soft engineering, although it is hard to find accurate information

What is the fiscal cliff?

The fiscal cliff is a term coined by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to describe a set of laws expiring December 31, 2012 that will result in major spending cuts and tax