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They can be ingredients or implements used for cooking.
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What cooking materials does Norway use to cook?

Norway uses the same cooking pots as much of Europe. That can becast iron, copper, steel, and ceramic.

Why heavy materials in cooking is important?

Heavy materials are important in cooking because they conduct heatmuch better than light material equipment. These materials are slowto heat up, however.

What are kitchen materials used in cooking foods?

These include but are not limited to: skillets, saucepans, spatulas, tongs, spoons, ladles, stoves, ovens, knives, cutting boards, and more. These are the most basic items nee

What is the importance of glass cooking material?

Heat resistant glass (usually borosilicate glass, with brand namessuch as Pyrex) is a very versatile cooking material. You areprobably most familiar with it as casseroles. It