What are different examples of verbal communication?

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Verbal communication is called language. There are two kinds of verbal communication. One is speech. The other is writing.

If you meant "oral" communication, there are two kinds: real words and mere grunts, cries and whimpers.

If you mean "settings in which verbal communication occurs," it would include just about any human social activity: writing a letter or making a poster; having a telephone call, a class discussion, a friendly chat.
  Verbal communication is the act of expressing your thoughts with words. Verbal communication is generally defined as spoken language. Tone, enunciation, pauses, loudness, emphasis, word choice, these can all be used while speaking to enhance the spoken word. Examples of this type of verbal communication: speeches, face-to-face discussions, telephone conversations, voicemail, television, radio, recorded books and seminars, videos. Speakers using sign language would be considered to be using a form of verbal communication.
In a broader sense verbal communication would also include the written word. That may include letters, faxes, emails, books, newspapers, magazines, articles, hand written notes, announcements. However, in certain areas, especially law, there would be a considerable difference between spoken and written communication.
Non-verbal communication would include gestures, noises, body language, actions.
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