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The noun luminary (plural luminaries) can mean any source of light. It is also used to mean small makeshift lamps (luminaria) made from candles. In Spanish culture these are also called farolitos.

Idiomatically, luminaries are celebrities (eminent or famous people), so called originally because they inspire or "light the way" for others.
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What does luminary mean?

A person - usually well-known - who inspires or influences others; a person who is famous or important; a celebrity.. I can also mean something that gives light; a celestial

How do you use the word luminaries in a sentence?

(The plural luminaries is applied to sources of light, or to eminent or famous people. Paper luminaries or luminaria are small craft designs using candles.) Mom likes to de

What does a literary luminary do?

A Literacy Luminary selects a part of the text to read and explain why they chose it. Some reasons are it may have been: Funny, Serious, Important, Puzzling or Powerful.

How do you get a luminary on Dragon Quest IX?

You must have beaten the main story to unlock this quest. Go to the dance hall in Gleeba (this doesn't have to be in the evening). You will find Applaudia (the NPC luminary n

What is a luminary dragon quest 9?

A luminary is a dancer/superstar vocation. The quest to unlock the vocation is found in Gleeba, in the dance hall, just outside the door that leads to the back rooms.

Where is the Luminary Center for the Arts located?

The Luminary Center for the Arts is located at 2644 Cherokee Street in St.Louis, Missouri. It is run by artists and seeks to provide meaningful support to emerging artists, au
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Where can one purchase a luminary bags?

There are many places one might go to purchase a luminary bag. In addition to a local craft store, one might also be able to purchase bags in bulk or for a discount on Amazon.
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What is the meaning of luminaries?

Refers to an object, such as a celestial body, that gives light. b. In astrology, one of the brightest celestial objects, such as the sun, moon, or bright planets.