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What are major cause and effects in The three musketeer's the book by Alexandre Dumas?

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Who was Alexandre Dumas?

Alexandre Dumas is a French author most known for his works The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers.

What year is it at the start of alexandre dumas The Three Musketeers?

There are no dates that I can recall mentioned in the novel; however, a little extrapolation can give the dates of the novel, at least a time period. The main antagonist of t

How much education did Alexandre Dumas have?

Alexandre Dumas was mostly self-educated.His father died when he was only an infant so Dumas' mother could not afford to give her son an education.However,he read anything he

What books has Alexandre Dumas written?

the three musketeers the man in the iron mask the count of Monte cristo that's all I can think of just now a more complete list would be found on wikipedia.

What books did alexandre dumas write?

Alexandre Dumas was a French writer who started his career writing stage plays, travel books and magazines. He is best known for his novels which were historical adventure nov