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People and scientists have come up with some ways to prevent pollution. Some of these is using filters on cars and factories along with making it illegal to litter.
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What are the measures taken to prevent water pollution?

River pollution is a result of a complex combination of processes that reduce overall river water quality.   * Acid rain,  * Industrial pollution  * Agricultural po

What are steps taken to prevent air pollution?

Going in public vehicles instead of private vehicles because in that way polluted air sent out decreases . Installing electronic air cleaners in houses(costs about $500 - $70

What are the measures taken to prevent air pollution?

Some measures taken to prevent air pollution are the regulating of  businesses that dispel chemicals into the air. Some states also  require automobiles to pass an air exhau

What is the prevention measures to prevent the industrial pollution?

Industrial pollution results in great damage to agriculture,  industry and human heath. There are pollution prevention programs  such as The US Environmental Protection Agen

Preventive measures of water pollution?

There are so many preventive measures of water pollution. This  includes avoiding spillages, keeping the environment clean and not  disposing pollutants into water bodies am

What are the preventive measures of soil pollution?

  The way(not really the best) to prevent soil pollution is to plant more trees because trees help in cleaning soil, maintaining its fertility. Trees are helpful to us bec

What measures taken to prevent noise pollution?

Some things to help to minimize noise pollution are...   *Get a muffler for outdoor equipment (lawn mower, leaf blower, car, chainsaw, ect.)   *Rake leaves by hand, don'

Measures to prevent sound pollution?

Some towns and cities actually have laws and limists as to the noise pollution that its citizens can make. If you individually wanted to reduce noise pollution you could try s

Measures to prevent nuclear pollution?

  nuclear pollition is a problem that is generaly "tackled" by isolating the radioactive material and burying it "out of harms way".   it does seem feasable however tha

Preventive measures taken to stop radiation pollution?

(I) Nuclear devices should be exploded under ground. (II) Contaminants may be employed to decrease the radioactive emissions. (III) Production of radio isotopes should be mini

What are the Measures taken for preventions for cows?

At birth clean colostrum is given to a calf ASAP. This prevents calfhood diseases, improves growth rates, and improves the calf's output when at a mature age. Other measures