What are polyatomic ions?

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A charged ion that is composed of two or more atoms covalently bonded.
No: Each chloride ion contains only one atom.
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Why is a hydroxide ion a polyatomic ion?

OH - is Polyatomic . Hydroxide (OH - ) contains both an atom of oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H). Many ions are from only ONE atom or element, but since OH - contains two sep

What is a polyatomic ion?

They are electrically charged species composed of more than one atom Examples: . Monoatomic: Cl - chloride , S 2- sulfide, Na + sodium . Polyatomic: NH 4 + ammo

What are the polyatomic ions?

polyatomic ions are those ions which carry more than one atom,we can say that a group of atoms having single charge( which may be positive or negative) are polyatomic ions.

Which ions in the table are polyatomic ions?

it is sulfate, sulfite and many more.... Answer: Common Polyatomic Ions: -1 Charge: · Chlorate: CO 3 -1 · Chlorite: ClO 2 -1 · Cyanide: CN -1 · Dih

How can you tell if a ion is polyatomic ion?

If it contains a number in its formula (such as in peroxide, O 2 - ) it is polyatomic as this means there are more than one atom of the same type. If it contains more than

What is a polyatomic ion and name five common polyatomic ions?

Poly means many. So a polyatomic ion is an ion made up of more than one atom. Simple examples come from common acids and alkalis. Sulphuric acid (H2SO4) forms the ions H+ (

Which polyatomic ion has 4 oxygens?

The three most common such ions probably are sulfate, with the formula SO 4 -2 , chromate, with the formula CrO 4 -1 , and perchlorate, with the formula ClO 4 -1 .