What are reasons for dropping the atomic bomb?

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To "convince" Japan to surrender in WWII.
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In the argument of dropping the atomic bomb what are the reasons for it?

The reasons were many. One is that there was a tremendous loss of life during the battles of the war and the longer the war went on the more lives would be lost. The Dropping

Reason why the US dropped the atomic bomb on Japan?

The USA hoped to end the war with Japan sooner, rather than the wearying business of capturing more and more islands at great cost to the manpower of the American armed forces

What was the reason for dropping the atomic bombs on japan?

The main (and the most publicly announced) reason was to induce Japan to surrender, so that the US would not have to lose more lives in an invasion. There were other major con

What were the main reasons why the atomic bomb was dropped by the USA?

President Harry Truman had many alternatives at his disposal for ending the war: invade the Japanese mainland, hold a demonstration of the destructive power of the atomic bomb

What was President Truman's reasoning for dropping the atomic bomb on Japan?

President Truman authorized dropping the Atomic Bomb on Japan to end WWII without invading the Japanese main islands. Invading would have resulted in a massive loss of life on

What is the reason for dropping the atomic bomb on Hrioshima and Nagasaki?

We droped the nuke because we would not win on an invasion of Japan. Unfortunately the only way to get Japan to surrender was to do what we did. It was estimated that on the f
In Japan in WW2

What reasons did Truman have to drop the atomic bombs on japan?

since the Japanese Army was actually doing Kamikaza, which means japanese sucide bomb attacks, on the United States Navy. Truman had no other choice to to use the Atomic Bomb