What are sights of Croatia?

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there are lots of them. there are 7 national parks (Plitvice lakes, Kornati islands, Mljet island, Brijuni islands, North Velebit (mountain), Risnjak (mountain), Paklenica (mountain).
there are 6 UNESCO sites: Cathedral of st. Jacob in Šibenik, Euphrasian basilica in Poreč, old city of Trogir, old city of Dubrovnik, Diocletian's palace in Split and Plitvice lakes.
There are also many nature parks- some examples- Lonjsko polje (swamp), Kopački rit (swamp), Papuk (mountain), Biokovo (mountain), Medvednica (mountain), Velebit (mountain), Telašćica (near Kornati- lake and nature on Dugi otok island)

but everywhere you go, you will see a lot of history and beautiful nature, especially on the coast.
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Just to name some that are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites: . Historic Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian . Old City of Dubrovnik . Episcopal C
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