What are some characteristics of the Flamenco dance?

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The flamenco is a Spanish dance that originated with the Andalusian Gypsies in southern Spain. It's a dance that expresses the dancer's emotion when he/she stomps his or her feet. When the dancer taps his feet lightly, using the toes or balls of the feet, it expresses the feeling of happiness. When the dancer stomps his or her feet loudly and hard with the heels, it expresses anger or unhappiness. When the women of the dance twirl their dresses around so it makes almost a circle around them, it either tries to make them look powerful or intimidating, or it shows the feeling of great pride and joy.
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What are the dance steps to the flamenco?

Flamenco is characterized by fast, precise footwork where the dancer stamps his feet rapidly on the floor. Although the feet are used differently, the principle is similar to

When did flamenco dancing originate?

There are many questions about the dance and the origins of the word itself. The word was not recorded until the late 18th Century and suggests Gypsy. The dance originates in

What represents flamenco dancing?

flamenco dance is a type of dance that has sharp upper body, arm and head movements. This type of dance originated in Spain but their are many different types of flamenco styl

Who performs this style of dance - Flamenco?

This type of dance, which is strongly rhythmic and involves vigorous actions like clapping hands or stomping feet, originates from southern Spain. Andalusian Gypsies created t