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What are some common safety hazards in a kitchen?

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Burns, fires, cuts, slips and falls.
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What is a safety hazard?

A safety hazard is any thing that can have an adverse impact on your safety. There are a lot of safety hazards in the world for example: . deep water . energized electrical

What are some common safety hazards?

improperly stored/handled flammables; electrocution; slip, trip and fall; unsafe firearm storage and handling; entanglement; pinch points; improper machine guarding; operating

Safety in the kitchen?

Keep an eye on anything which is on the hob, especially anything which involves heating oil. Keep flammable objects away from open flames or items like toasters. Make sure han

What are the hazards in a kitchen?

1) usually someone will s weep up broken glass which is unsafe because it can get caught in the broom hairs. 2) sometimes you might wash the knives with the silver ware a

What are some safety hazards during a tornado?

Safety hazards that may be encountered during a tornado include: . Collapsing buildings . Injury from wind-driven debris . Injury from being carried away by the wind

What are some safety hazards of lightning?

The primary safety hazard of lightning is being struck by lightning. Other hazards include: . being struck by something that has been struck by lightning or damaged by acco

What are three common health and safety and security hazards in the workplace?

Common health, safety or security hazards in the workplace may include: . violence by coworkers . slipping or tripping on something . excessive exposure to noise . being c

What kind of hazards you can find in a kitchen?

Sharp knives and other utensils, hoy pots and pans, hot surfaces (cooker, oven) toxic cleaning products such as bleach, wet/slippery floors.

What are some safety hazards in a computer lab?

The first thing that comes to my mind are the ergonomic issues. Proper seating, posture, Monitor Height and Distance, Mouse pad with wrist rests. Cable Wiring for trip hazards

What were some of the safety hazards at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory?

Tthe Triangle Shirtwaist Company was a clothing manufacturer, located on several upper floors of a building in Greenwich Village in New York City. When a fire began, there wer
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What are some safety hazards associated with canopies for beds?

There is always the risk of the canopy and/or its frame falling if it is not properly secured. Special care need to be used especially when making a canopy of your own for a c
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What are some common noun found in kitchen?

Some common nouns for things found in a kitchen are: . apples, asparagus, aluminum foil . bacon, bananas, blueberries, butter, bread, baking pans . cabbage, cookies, coff