What are some examples of bad netiquette online games?

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What is netiquette?

Etiquette is the practice of good manners - being polite and helpful, being kind and not aggressive, being mindful of the fact that others may see things differently than oneself. Netiquette is etiquette for the Internet. Being polite to others. It is all the more important on the net because ther (MORE)

What are some online games?

These are some you might like Clubpenguin: cool Ourworld: Awsome! and the best Dizzywood: Kinda cool pixiehollow: Mostly for girls Fantage: Just like clubpenguin except your ppl Moshi Monsters: pretty good weeworld: really really lame! To me it is. ecobuddies: Boring habbo: fun, bu (MORE)

What are some online animal games?

Creature & Pet Games Neopets - They're not real animals but it's still the same idea. Virtual Family Kingdom - become a fairy, mermaid or wolf, great outfits and games. Marapets - is a really fun game with many features such as banks, dress up, arcade games and many more! Dizzywood - als (MORE)

What are some examples of bacteria and is it good or bad?

Some examples of good bacteria is yeast for the bread most of us eat, but bacteria can also be bad. Some bad bacteria is E.Coli. which tears our insides apart, or makes us veryyyyy sick. Some examples of good bacteria is yeast for the bread most of us eat, but bacteria can also be bad. Some bad bact (MORE)

What are some online Pokemon games?

Bulbapedia.Bulbagarden.net says: http://www.pokemonbattlearena.net http://www.pokemonindigo.com http://www.pokemon.com http://www.thepokemonleague.net Your Welcome! Pokemonbattlearena pokemon indigo pokemonlake pokemon.com thepokemonleague playr : Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Crystal, Poke (MORE)

What are some good games online?

Transformice.com/en or Transformice.com/en2. You are a mouse trying to get the cheese and back to the hole. You get to walljump, cornerjump, be shaman and help other mice, dance, cry, laugh, moonslide, backward moonslide, moonwalk, and kiss. Hey man you should check out these flight simulators th (MORE)

What are some good online games?

Here are a variety of actual games and also game websites for people of various ages (but mainly children). . pogo games . club penguin . habbo . build-a-bearville . groovy girls . gaia online . weeworld . barbie girls . horse isle . club penguin . toon town . moshi monsters . ponyland (MORE)

What are some fun online games?

pogo . armorgames . addictinggames . miniclip . playgames2 . call of duty . club penguin . maplestory . farmville . poptropica . star wars battlefront . ego-city . clubpenguin . fantage . puzzlepirates (you don't have to download) . habbo . runscape . funmin . play a game called ar (MORE)

What are some examples of bad conditions in a slum?

What aren't? The essence of a "slum" is an area from which public support services have been curtailed or withdrawn. The streets are littered; the buildings are in disrepair; retail outlets have inferior goods and charge high prices; crime is common; snow removal is last on the list, if it occurs at (MORE)

What are some online game sites?

There are over 100 online gaming sites, and most of them are decent. The ones I really reccomend are the ones listed below. Try them!!! - Minecraft - Roblox - Addicting Games - Bored.com Games - Poptropica - Club Penguin - Meez - WoozWorld - ArmorGames - Dot Games - Miniclip.com - Mochi Games - Sho (MORE)

Is there any Pokemon game online that is not fake or bad?

No i use to play pokemoncrater until they shut it down all the other websites like pokemonblack and indigo is boring i miss pokemoncrater. Sometimes i imagine i am a Pokemon trainer and play with my cousins. you should try it.

Some examples of bad sportsmanship?

Some examples of bad sportsmanship are cursing, throwing items, spiting on your hand when you go to shake the other teams hand, saying degrading comments and using obscene gestures. Hogging the ball (apex)

What are some examples of bad weather?

A blizzard, tornado, heavy snow during winter, a hurricane, and possibly a tsunami. A flood could also destroy many homes and heavy rain can cause inconvenience to some people living in low- land areas.

What are some examples of bad passwords?

password god your username the name of one of your pets the name of one of your kids the name of your significant other the current month your birthday any word that can be found in a dictionary

What are some online games to play?

go to addictinggames.com This site is also a good: game-land.net http://dan-ball.jp/en/ play lol - http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=517012383d185561326148 its free

What are some online dating games?

Well, most of the dating games online are only with preparation for dating: make-up, dress-up. Other ones include some action: racing or matching pictures. You can check here some dating games http://www.gamesfreehub.com/Dating-Games

What are some addicting online games?

it depends on what kind of games you are looking for. if you like simulation, then virtual villagers, chocolatier, and any sort of tycoon games are fun. if you like time management, then diner dash is a good one, though hard for hidden object there are alot of good ones at bigfishgames.com i c (MORE)

Why is Netiquette important in online learning?

It's the same concept in real life. If you're walking to your professor demanding answers, shouting at him, and never giving him/her a proper thanks .... would he/she answer your questions? Good online behavior dictate a pleasant environment and allows online communities to thrive. You wouldn't w (MORE)

What are some online football games?

Goal Line Blitz Superstar Football at AddictingGames.com Games.com has a variety of football games such as Linebacker, WideOut, Ultimate Football, NCAA Football 2004, and NFL Head Coach. myfootballgames.co.uk has a variety of American Football Games. CandyStand.com also has several football game (MORE)

What are some online games with no memberships?

here are some online games girlsgogames miniclip gamesgames pandana moshimonsters panfu clubpenguin secret builders barbie virtule world barbie.com betterlife thesims3 happymeal.com i hope these help u

Why do people think it is bad to have online games?

There are several answers as to why many do not partake in online gaming. One reason is that online gaming can become highly addictive, and depending on the type of gaming (e.g. gaming systems, online poker, etc.), it can also become expensive. Another thing is, looking at the computer or television (MORE)

What are some Examples of bad manners?

In general, anything that makes others feel uncomfortable around you in public, such as: belching, swearing, bullying, picking your teeth, slurping and making other rude noises while eating, etc. etc.

What are some shooter games online?

I found a very cool Mafia online 3d Shooter. We can drive oldtimer cars there, fight in gangs with guns and just hang around with friends. It is free. I found the game on http://www.pictofun.de/downtown/index2.htm . You can find me often there after school. C ya bro! Nimda

What are some examples of bad moral values?

The answer will vary by person and with context, but some currently generally accepted examples would be racism, greed, sadism, etc. Most of which would fit under the 'causes (unacceptable or unreasonable) harm to another' as determined by the majority of the society in question (context). Also ' (MORE)

What are some examples of online catalog?

If you're shopping or looking for ideas then there's littlewoods.com or mandmdirect.com but if you're web designing then the best site is themeforest.net who supply templates at knock down prices

What two actions are examples of good netiquette?

1.) Placing Faces such as :D :) ;D ;) ^_^ O_O >_< ^.^ and so on to humor, or excite readers. 2.) placing abbreviations in your text, but not to much for example: Good Example: BTW I heard that Chelsy Likes Bob O_O OMG Bad Example: OMG YWNGWH I heard that Chels like totaly nailed one on bob (MORE)

What are some of the bad effects of online dating?

You may meet some bad guys So, if you wanna dating online, chose a good online dating website is very impotent. I recommend daterichsingles.com to you . You can make friends or find your soul mate there safely and easily.

What are some examples of good and bad creations?

like gun, gun can be bad and can be good. It depends on how we used it. If we used it for the purpose of protection from bad people of course it is good. It is bad if! you want to kill person that made a mistake to you. We have a gov. who will punished those bad people.

What are some examples of bad ethics?

Killing another human being just because you felt like it would be a morally wrong or ethically bad act. Another would be cheating on your spouse when you promised not to. Another would be lying in court when you swore to tell the truth. .

What are some online airplane games?

Shadez 2: Battle .. . Sky Banner . Air Typer . Spirfire 1940 . Park My Plane . Paper Plane Madness .. . Zippy Airport . Sky Control . Park My Plane . Now Boarding . Airport Madness 3 . Airfield Mayhem . Simulator Of Rafale . Storm . Will It Fly? . Airline . Aero Acrobat . Alien Flig (MORE)

Why is netiquette important on online communication?

Netiquette (network etiquette) is a body of rules and guidelines that identify standard acceptable practices for use of the technology over networks - mostly on the web, but there are netiquette rules for cell phone use too. Netiquette is important for the same reason etiquette is important in live (MORE)

What is an examples of bad netiquette?

An example of bad netiquette is typing in all caps. PEOPLE WILL THINK YOU ARE YELLING. Also, don't use........................too much............punctuation!!!1!!!@!!! Also, dnt tlk lik dis pls i cnt tll wht ur sayin. Using vulgar language is another example of bad netiquette, as is sharing secrets (MORE)

What are some online bowling games?

There is casual bowling, here you just have to throw a strike. Then you have strike zone, this is very realistic, you have to get the angle of the ball right. There is also king pin bowling, you decide where to aim and then click and hold and throw the ball. There are a lot of other online bowling g (MORE)

What are some good examples of online journals?

There are various types of online journals on a variety of different topics. Online journals usually provide material for academic research. Universities are good sources of online journals.

What are some good examples of online traders?

There are many companies which offer online trading. OptionsXpress, Option House and Trade King all offer persons the ability to trade online. The minimum amount varies by each trading company.

What are some examples of online music stores?

Some examples of online music stores are Rhapsody and Spotify. Another well recognized online music store is the Apple iTunes store. Amazon also provides an online service where one can purchase a plethora of music from many current and popular artists.

What are some examples of online casino games?

Online casino games are similar to those found in a real life casino. However, one should avoid online casinos as they can cause untold grief if one gets addicted to them. Examples of games are roulette and poker.