What are some funny pranks to pull on your sisters or brothers?

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Hmm good question i dont really know well i can tell you 2-----before bedtime put salt on their tooth brushes or pepper ..or before bedtime you can hide somewere in their room were they cant see you and when they are sleeping call their name ghostly when they get scared and tell their parents quickly go back to bed before they see you
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What are some funny pranks for children to pull on their parents?

Teenagers can even do pranks on their parents, humor is at all ages. You can: . Set their parents clocks back 2-3 hours. . On some websites, you can print out fake tax pay

What are some funny and harmless pranks to play on your sister?

If your sister usually has to the wash the dishes, and your sink has a hose attached to it here is a prank. Taped own the button on the hose and point it at where the person w

What pranks can you pull on your sister?

Get a rubber mouse a box that pops open really fast tie the rubber rat to it and make it pop at her. or get a mouse trap tie some string to it then get a tenis ball- or any ot

What are some funny pranks to pull on adults?

Make them drive somewhere out of the way for no reason, eg. you pretend you're at a friend's house and need to be picked up and the house is in the middle of nowhere. Wake

What are some funny pranks to pull on teens?

I would say if they are old enough to drink coffee, try this trick. Mix Salt with Sugar. and they might use salt in a coffee and sugar in foods! Try this out.. you could als

Pranks to pull on your sister?

paint clear nail polish over the soap in her shower. When yoursister takes a shower she can scrub and scrub but get no bubbles

What funny pranks can a sister play on a brothers friend?

okay, if they come to sleepover put shaving cream all over him or put lipstick on him :) classic i did it to my older brother and he cried.(but i used masscara). I haven't tr

How do you pull pranks on your sister?

first go into her room when shes gone cut the middle of her shirts off like the boob part. And you can also, if your older and you think it's not going to far, you can take o

What are good pranks to pull on your sister?

Get their favourite pair of shoes and put a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise inside the right shoe and jelly and peanut butter inside the left!! trust me i tryed this it was H

What are some funny pranks for kids to pull on their parents?

If you want to pull the best prank on your mother, then follow this.... This only works if your mom uses a hair dryer! When your parents fall asleep, sneak into their b

What pranks can you pull on your sister when she is sleeping?

well number one put some books under the cover of your sisters pillow number 2 you can put see through plastic wrap like you use for food and put it on the toilet and it wi

What are some pranks to pull on your brothers?

Take There Pillows & Put It Somewhere Other Then Your Room . Don't Do Your Work Because Soon Or Later They Will Do It . Spit In There Food & Drinks When They Ask You To Get

What are some funny pranks to pull on random people?

One good prank is to have a group of friends to stand at the bottomof an extremely tall building and point at the top saying "What'sthat?" "Is that a person up there?" etc. Or