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A habit is just a behavior that is repeated until it is automatic - your study habits are the ways that you study. Study habits can be "good" - which means they work and help you to make good grades - or "bad" - which just means they don't work and don't help you make good grades.

You can always change your habits and learn better ones!

Here are some good habits that will help you do better when studying:
  • Start studying right when the assignment is made - the longer you wait, the harder you're going to have to work to finish it!

  • Go to bed early.Children and teenagers need to get 10-12 hours of sleep every night in order to be alert and healthy! Most modern kids don't get that much, and they feel tired and sluggish most of the day.
  • Eat a good healthy breakfast. Eating sugary foods makes you think you're alert, but sugar wears off after an hour or so and you get a "sugar depression" where you suddenly feel even more tired and sleepy!
  • Pay attention in school. During class, listen carefully to the teacher. Ask questions if you don't understand what the teacher is explaining. Try to think about how the information will be useful to you. Do not think about something else.
  • Plan ahead - make a study timetable where you plan out what you need to study on what day; think of that time like a job, and don't get distracted and go do something else instead. See Related Questions on how to make a timetable.
  • Make flashcards. Flashcars help you learn materials easily.T he best way to memorize a list of facts - vocabulary words, math facts, dates, or anything at all! - is to make a set of flash cards. Write each term onto a card, and write the definition or answer on the back of that card. Keep these cards with you at all times! Any time you have a few minutes of free time, take out your cards and study. Read the first card - if you know the answer, then put that card at the back of the stack and turn it upside down; if you don't know the answer, read the answer a couple of times and then stick that card back into the middle of the stack so that you will have to try it again later. When you get all the cards turned upside down, you have learned that material!
  • Study with friends - this means study, not socialize! Quiz each other - one of you read a question aloud and the rest take turns trying to answer, like on a tv game show. One person read the textbook aloud and the rest pay attention and ask questions or help each other understand it. Read over each other's work to check for mistakes. Or, you can just study quietly at the same table.
  • Get rid of the distractions - turn off the chit-chat (cellphones, chat rooms, IMs, text messaging, and live conversations), shut off the TV and video games, use the computer only for looking up facts or writing your papers, and turn the music down or off (see related question about which type of music is best).
  • Take good notes - if you keep a notebook with important information for each class, then when you need to study, you just have to use your notes instead of reading the book over again. See related questions on how to take good notes.

Good study habits are a result of practice and knowing what methods are most effective for you. This may take trial and error. Organization is key, so start by writing down everything you need to do, regardless of whether you think you will remember it. When studying, stay away from distractions, such as the computer. Instead of procrastinating, work on long term assignments daily. This is also the best way to study; instead of studying the night before, study a little each night. Review what you learned in class every day when you get home, before starting homework. Also, a good tip is to review what you did in class the previous day at the beginning of class when you have a few minutes before the teacher starts talking. By learning the ways that you learn the best you will be successful in your studies.
updating knowlegde for every day ......if possible every minute..
Examples are :

Take Notes effectively.
Recognize that in order to succeed you need to make decisions about your priorities, your time, and your resources.
Understand what you read.
Schedule your study.
Make better time to Study.
Make good climate and surroundings to study.
Show up to class with your text book. Take good notes. Don't sit next to your best friend. Do your homework. Ask questions. Don't make excuses for not doing well.
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