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Here are some ways that professional writers motivate themselves to get started:
  • Set a goal for your daily writing - decide how many pages, or how many words, you will write each day, and do not stop until you reach that goal
  • Set up a place and time for writing, and treat writing as a job - go to your "job" every day and work until you reach your daily goal
  • Write an outline of your novel - this gives you a goal to aim towards, and also gives you a good way of seeing where your story is headed
  • Don't try to write a cute or clever "hook" to start out - begin your novel somewhere in the middle of an action (this makes it more interesting), but write simply and directly instead of trying to be "smart"
  • Leave the editing for later - just get started! Write whatever comes to your mind, and keep going. After you finish the whole thing, then you can go back and re-read, edit, and change things around.
Here are some more ideas from our Wiki Contributors:
It really depends on you.
Some people like to start off by planning a book, others like to write chapter summaries. As for me, when I started to write the book I'm writing, I just opened a blank book and began to write.

-Come up with a main charactor. Learn about him/her and know all about them.
-Come up with a conflict.
-Figure out the climax and how it will end.
-Figure out a couple of minor characters.
-Now you can figure out the beginning.

*Just start whenever the main action of the story starts! Don't worry about fancy opening sentences or special words -- just write!

Here are some other ways to start a story:
  • Action - start with an action scene
  • Dialogue - start with a line of dialogue
  • Sound Effect - start with a sound effect word to show what's happening
  • Snapshot - start with a vivid description of what's going on
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