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What are some of the causes that leads to broken relationships?

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the trust is gone or you just get bored with the person. sometimes guys like to see what else is out there same with girls and you just go apart. if you fight alot that could cause a break up after awhile
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How do you fix a broken relationship?

  Answer     You can't fix it. It could be mended possibly. Depends on the people involved.   Answer   You should write a specific question if you want

What causes broken friendship?

  friendship usually gets broken when u dont have the right friend or maybe sometimes u have misunderstandings and u ignore it or just get mad about things that u dont rea

What are some example of the cause of abusive relationships?

The main predictor of abusive relationships is if someone has themselves been abused or has grown up in a family where abuse was present. It is very contagious, particularly w

How can you fix a broken relationships?

Think whether you both want to fix the relationship, if so then try  your hardest to make it work. Think why you were together in the  first place.   well think that if

How do you rebuild relationship that are broken?

First step is to try to talk through it.. If that doesnt work, Second step is couples counceling.. If that fails, then its probably not meant to be fixed.. Good luck to you...

What does holding hands in a relationship lead to?

holding hands depends on your age for sure. However just know that it means intent on both sides. Assuming that you didnt force this upon the other person. All it means though

Can anxiety be caused by a broken heart?

Yes it can: What is Anxiety? Anxiety is a condition that is hard to define in words, however, when you have it, you know it. Below are snippets from a recent online survey w

What are some 10 tips to manage teen relationship conflict and how those tips can lead to a healthy relationship?

have reasonable expectations towards each other and share and follow theselearn to say sorry to each otherdont just yell aimlessly at each other, go away from the other person