What are some on the job hazards of sports photography?

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The flash has the capability to blind small mammals and children. It may also cause seizures and even death of old cripples. In addition, it will signal alien races towards your position and invade. This my good sir, is a job I would not reccomend.
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How do you get a photography job in the Tucson area?

Answer . You'll need to put together a portfolio of your work and show that you have more skill than anybody else who is going for the job. The photographs need to be both

What are some higher jobs in photography?

Answer . In my opinion, there are a couple of choice photography gigs that I personally would love to have. The first one- like any red-blooded man would Love is the Sport

How big of a job market is there for photography?

That all depends on what type of photography you do. One way you can sell your photography is thru microstock photography sites. Check out this page for the top 4 microstock s

How hard is it to get a job for photography?

Answer . Photographers are in essence professional artists who have built a reputation around what they have "captured" through their camera lense. A professional photograp

What education you need to be a sports photography?

you need experinence not an education. a high school dipolma should be good enough. (Experience does not always help you) My answer based on 10+ years as a pro: While a

How do you get a job in photography for a skateboarding magazine?

Start taking pictures of your friends skating then compile yourbest shots and send them to all of the major skateboardpublications asking if they could possibly publish a few.

What are some hazards a pharmacist can have on the job?

Hazard that a pharmacist might encounter on the job include: . getting robbed . chemical exposures . disease exposure from customers who come in to buy prescriptions . a v

What is the best lens for sports photography?

For me the best lens you could buy for this purpose is the Nikon 70-200mm f/4G ED VR Nikkor Zoom Lens. It's a Nikon lens built for a Nikon camera and is: • Lightweig
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What are some jobs that have somesthing to do with sports?

The actual sport depending on the sport . Coaching of that sport . Athletic trainer . Sports medicine . Sports Marketing $$$$$$ . Sport agent . Your local news sports .