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What are some really unique names for boy and girl twins?

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Sahara is a great name for a girl
cant really think one for a boy..
i thin someone else will answer the boy part. yeaa.
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Are boys really as insecure as girls?

    Answer       Yes. I am the mom of two boys and I can tell you, going through the teen years is just as hard on boys as it is on girls. Be confident

In sims 3 how do you have twins girl and boy?

There are a few ways to get twins( or triplets) 1. Make the mom and dad Get fertility treatment Or 2. When the mom is pregnant make her almost always read pregnancy, watch to

Japanese names for twin boys?

Akiyuki & Koichi <3    Also check this link    http://japanese.about.com/library/blboysname_a.htm

What are some unique baby boy names?

Onyx, Tiger, Ansel, Gideon, Dimitri, Vlad, Boris, Ian, Austin, Anakin, Llary, Kyah. There are a few different unique baby names. Names like Spyro or Desmond are some names tha

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What are some unique girl names for a story?

You need to invent your own names - writers who copy ideas from other people end up in trouble for plagiarism! If you copy someone's names or ideas, then when you publish your

What are some really GOOD boy and girl names for stories?

I really enjoy writing and making stories but names for your characters all depend on their personality. But I can tell you some names that i fancy. BOYS Greg Riley Mitc
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What are some unique names for boys?

Apparently, one unique boy name is Ajax. Ajax is Greek in origin and means "Mourner of the earth". Ajax is also a powdered household cleaner. The name Gunner means "brave w