What are some reasons why people read?

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Reading helps you to improve your language skills. It helps you recognize words, and see how language is formed. It helps specifically with vocabulary and spelling... but also can help with understanding complex topics and challenging your thinking, if you read things that challenge you. You also read for pleasure or escape... a good book is enjoyable, and allows you to get caught up in the plot, and forget your problems temporarily... and it is a lot less addictive (at least physically) than many other things that allow the same sort of escape.
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What are the reasons why people read and give ample illustrations with reference to what they read?

here are 3 reasons people should read! ! ! (= . people should read because it will expand there horizon's,it will make you smart,it will help you learn. . People take it

Why do some people not like to read?

Well, some of them have a hard time with reading, and if you are struggling to understand, then books aren't very enjoyable. Others... I don't know. My dad can read realy well

10 reasons why do people read?

If you mean as in read Books i can give you a few answers: 1. enjoyment 2. to fill time 3. to broaden their minds 4. to be different 5. because they are made to

What are some reasons why people cyberbully?

Same reasons as regale bulling. Cyberbullies cyberbully other to make them selves feel good. Cyberbulling is very sieres and police CAN get involved with cyberbulling.
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What are some reasons to read the Qu'ran?

7 Reasons to Read the Glorious Quran (1) Intimate: It dares you to disprove it. How? It says that humans can not write a book like this even if they pooled all the
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Why do some people read law?

Because of it's very useful ,more important, it's also easy to find a job.
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What are some reasons to encourage people to read about the Declaration of Independence?

First of all, since America is the hyper-power of the world (although possibly not for long), it is important to understand what the foundation of the USA is made of. America
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What are some reasons Shakespeare is hard to read?

1. He wrote plays. Plays are hard to read because there is nonarrator to give background or context or what is going on in thecharacters' minds. All you have is the words they