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What are some reputable security guard companies?

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There are many security guard companies in the United States alone. Some of these companies include Guard Now, American Guard Services and Allied Barton.
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What are the largest Security Guard Companies in the US?

Top 5 largest Security Companies in the United States Securitas USAG4S Secure Solutions (formally Wackenhut)AlliedBarton Security ServicesUS Security Associates Inc. / A

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Zecco is a division of equinox securities and they are a member of Securities Investors Protection Corporation which protects investors should the company close due to bankrup

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You should be wary of any company like this as they usually charge you excessive interest and fees. There are many complaints online about this company being a rip-off.

Which companies offer security guard service?

Global Shield Security, Advanced Security Guard, American Guard Services and Alliance Security Group are a few of the security guard companies which offer nationwide service.