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What are some slang words for money?

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Slang for moneyAmerican slang, bill-specific

C-note, Benjamin ($100), Jackson, twankie, double sawbuck ($20), sawbuck ($10), fin ($5), buck ($1)

American - General

Bucks, bills, dollas, cash, paper, greenbacks, moolah, scratch, scrip (usually not legal tender), green, long green, cabbage, kale, lettuce, loot, dough, potatoes (usually pronounced puhtaytuhs), bread, bacon, clams, one large ($100), Fin (Five) Cheese, Cheddar. dead presidents

Dosh (cash/money), wonger (money, chiefly heard in London)

Coin, Shrapnel,

dayang, chaopiao, rmb, piaozi

billuya, plata, billete, palos, lana, billegas. . .
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