What are some symbols in george benard shaw Pygmalion?

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The ring: representation of love and a binding agreement (thrown away by Higgins and retrieved by Eliza)
Pickering: the model for a true gentleman
Higgins: the inability to change an inlaid trait
Money: the difference between character, class and conformity
Motif: upper class morality

Slippers: Higgins misplaced them the first time- Eliza silently placed the slippers by his feet. (she respected him). The second time on the other hand, Eliza is furious at Higgins and throws the slippers at him (she loses respect for him)
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What is the moral lesson of Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw?

well, i believe that Pygmalion was meant to draw the readers' attention that reality and illusion are separated by a slight line. each one misses something within, and looks

Why george bernard name the play Pygmalion?

Because of an ancient Greek myth about a man who fell in love with a statue of a beautiful lady and wished it was a real woman. Aphrodite granted his wish and they married and

What is pygmalion about?

In mythology, Pygmalion was a sculptor who fell in love with one of his statues. In the play "Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw (later the basis for "My Fair Lady"), Professor
In Theater

Why did Bernard Shaw name his play Pygmalion?

When Bernard Shaw wrote his book, he thought very carefully about the title. He got the inspiration from an ancient Greek myth. . The original Pygmalion was about a king who