What are souvenirs from Estonia?

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first of all food: kama, chocolades, etc. Woolen things like mittens and scarfs, wooden handcraft and then you can continue with basically every kind of handcraft.
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What is Estonia?

A country in Europe bordering the Baltic Sea, and is one of the new world countries.

Where is Estonia?

Eastern Europe: south of Finland, west of Russia, and north of Latvia.

What are souvenirs from Denmark?

Judging from the souvenir shops it is still little figurines resembling the Status of the little mermaid. For kids is gotta be Lego toys.

How do you get souvenirs from Pompeii?

The best way to get souvenirs from Pompeii is to go. You won't regret it! And there are little stands a short walk from the front entrance.

What souvenirs can you get in India?

It depends on what parts of India you go to. Some of the most popular souvenirs are small marble constructions of the Taj Mahal. Other souvenirs include different Indian cloth

What is souvenir?

"Souvenir" is a French word meaning "memory." By extension, it means an object that brings back a specific memory. English borrowed that word with the same meaning.
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Is souvenirs a noun?

Yes, the word souvenirs is both a verb and a noun. The noun souvenirs is the plural form of the singular noun souvenir, a common noun, concrete noun; a word for a thing tha