What are the 3 classifications for cranial nerves?

motor, sensory, mixed
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What are the cranial nerves?

There are 12 cranial nerves, they are as followed;(I) Olfactory(II) Optic(III) Oculomotor(IV) Trochlear(V) Trigeminal(VI) Abducens(VII) Facial(VIII) Vestibulocochlear(IX) Glos (MORE)

Which cranial nerves are exclusively sensory?

here's a useful mnemonic that I used in medical school: 1. Some - olfactory (sensory)2. Say - optic (sensory)3. Marry - oculomotor (motor)4. Money - trochlear (motor)5. But - (MORE)

What are the cranial nerves for taste and smell?

There are two cranial nerves that are involved with your sense of taste. Facial nerve (CN VII), more specifically chorda tympani branch is responsible for the anterior 2/3 of (MORE)

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The 12 cranial nerves and their function?

#NameSensory, Motor or BothOriginNucleiFunction0Cranial nerve zero (CN0 is not traditionally recognized.)[1]Sensoryolfactory trigone, medial olfactory gyrus, and lamina term (MORE)
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