What are the advantages and disadvantages of intelligent lighting system?

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Overall, I would say that an intelligent lighting system is the best thing to go for - of course it depends what fixtures are on the rig. Intelligent lighting gives you a lot more freedom in what you can do where as with traditional theatre lights and par cans you cannot easily change gobo, colour, rotation or position. A disadvantage could be that intelligent lights take up a lot of power and room and also you would need a specialised desk that can 'talk' to intelligent lighting fixtures. so to sum up:

- Easily change between colour, gobo and positioning
- Intelligent lighting can be used for theatre and music (multi - purpose)
- They are easily wired up (DMX)


- Power consumption
- Space
- Price

If you are thinking of kitting out a rig with lights, I would advise you to shop around and see what would suite your needs.

Hope this helps!!
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