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What are the advantages and disadvantages of sex selection technology?

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because then you can choose if you want a male or female baby,
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of genetic technology?

Some advantages of genetic technology are to the cure to diseases and early track-age of any life threatening disease in the genes. It also helps track potential problems in l

What are the advantages and disadvantages of digital technology?

Digital does not drift over time or change with temperature or vary  with component tolerances like analog does; but it is slower and  the answers have quantization errors.

What are disadvantages and advantages of selective logging?

Advantages: It only cuts down the valuable trees that are needed meaning it leaves a larger range of biodiversity. Disadvantages: Selective logging can harm the trees surrou

Advantage and disadvantage of technology?

Disadvantages and Advantages of technology. Well you can't really go on one side since everyone has their own point of view, but here are some advantages to technology, with t

What are the advantages and disadvantage of old technology?

Technology is an integral part of modern society. It influences  governments, businesses, and the everyday lives of people. Old  technology paved the way for modern technolo

Advantages and disadvantages of technological environment?

In a technological environment, a lot can be achieved without the  use of body strength. Technological environments are good for  factory and production where there is a lar

What are advantages and disadvantages of selective distribution?

Various advantages of selective distribution include reduced costs,  increased market coverage, and better control over sales.  Disadvantages may include that it does not co

What are the advantages and disadvantages of selective breeding?

disadvantage: selective breeding gets rid of variety advantage: selective breeding rules out weakness and disability disadvantage: isn't that what Hitler tried to do with

What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology in education?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of technological progress?

  Answer   Advantages: Medical care & response time to critical situations Information storage & retrievel for crime prevention & apprehension Safety, i.e. toy

What are the advantage and disadvantages of reproductive technology?

Advantages: Couples can have babies. Couples with genetic disorders can have healthy babies. Disadvantages: The baby has a higher chance of getting birth defects They don't

What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology?

Some technology can be harmful like: when you have an electric shock it might cause fire you can get really attached to it On the other hand, it could be really useful: To war

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology?

The advantages of technology are, it helps us in our daily activities, it makes your work easy and helps you to communicate. The disadvantages of technology are, it pollutes t
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What are modern technology advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages: Cheap and rapid transportation allows agricultural technology to ship food products around the world, while global telecommunication networks facilitate the exchan