What are the beautiful spots at Bohol?

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There are so many tourist spots in Bohol. Historic spots, like the Blood Compact site in Bool, Tagbilaran City and Punta Cruz in Maribojoc, are quite popular with tourists. There are also lots of scuba diving and swimming sites in Panglao Island. But the most iconic spot, and one which Bohol is world renowned for, is the Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol.
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What are the beautiful spots in Region 1?

The beautiful places in Region 1 are Vigan, a historic town listed by UNESCO in its World Heritage List (1999); Tirad Pass, a national shrine; La Union, the pilgrimage center of the Philippines; Fagg Reef; and the Hundred Islands.

What are some beautiful tourist spots in the Philippines?

The Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia, farfrom what most people see and hear on the news about safety andsecurity in the Philippines, it is a safe and great country tovisit! Depending on what you plan to do when you visit thePhilippines there are hundreds of places to chose (MORE)

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What is the average tuition fee at University of Bohol?

The tuition for a bachelor's degree at the University of Boholranges from 18,000 Philippine pesos or $400.44 in US currency to34,000 Philippine pesos or $756.40 in US currency, per semester, asof 2014. The tuition for a Master's degree is 10,500 Philippinepesos or $233.59 per semester.

What is the current economic status of Bohol?

Tourism in Bohol . The Central Visayas Regional Economic Situationer for the second quarter of 2008 says that Bohol's tourism industry has contributed to the regional economy. Bohol posted a double-digit increase in tourist arrivals during the period April to June 2008, compared to the the same peri (MORE)

Beautiful spots in region 1?

Region 1 is mostly known as Ilocos Region. To enjoy the travel inthis region, you have to visit La Paz Sand Dunes, Bangui Windmills,Calle Crisologo, Bolinao Falls, Sta. Maria Church, Baluarte WatchTower and the Lingayen Beach.

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Who are the provincial officials of Bohol?

The following are the provincial officials of Bohol, whose terms of office will end in 2010: . Erico B. Aumentado - Governor . Julius Caesar F. Herrera - Vice Governor . Jose E. Veloso - Board Member . Cesar Tomas M. Lopez - Board Member . Alfonso R. Damalerio II - Board Member . Amalia R. Ti (MORE)

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What are some beautiful spots in Mindanao?

THE WATERFALLS IN ILIGAN CITY... yeah i agree cos I am from Iligan city...that small but industrious city has more than 20 waterfalls some accessible and some aren't..go for a visit ...you will love the people the sceneries and the food..

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Are Americans safe from kidnapping in Bohol Philippines?

Bohol is quite safe. The rebels are fighting the government, not the foreign tourists.. I have 30 plus years of Philippine experience. The only scary place is in SW Mindanao.. I have traveled through rebel country many times: never a problem. And remember, in actuality, there are very few rebels a (MORE)

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Who are the heroes of bohol?

Francisco Dagohoy-the leader of the longest revolt in the history. Carlos P. Garcia- Former president in the country.

Who are the famous people in bohol of the Philippines?

When you talk of Bohol, Philippines, you immediately think of the tarsier and Chocolate Hills. When you talk of famous people from Bohol, Philippines, former President Carlos P. Garcia, Francisco Dagohoy (who led one of the longest insurrections against the Spaniards), and Yoyoy Villame, the famous (MORE)

List of cooperative bank in bohol?

One of the most popular cooperative banks in Bohol is the Cooperative Bank of Bohol. Other reliable and well-known banks in the city of Tagbilaran, Bohol are: PNB or Philippine National Bank, LandBank, BPI, and Metrobank.

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What is the produck of bohol?

Agriculture is the primary industry. Rice, Ube, fruit, fish. there are many souvenier products also, to cater for the tourism. also check the provincial government website for the latest official stats

Who are the 2011 provincial officials in Bohol?

Bohol's 2011 Provincial Officials Governor: Edgar M. Chatto Vice-Governor: Conception O. Lim Congressmen: 1 st District - Rene L. Relampagos 2 nd District - Erico B. Aumentado 3 rd District - Arthur C. Yap Board Members: 1 st District: Cesar Tomas Lopez Abeleon Damalerio Venzencio Arcam (MORE)

What town of Bohol has the tallest range?

There are two sets of mountain ranges located between the municipalities of Alicia and Ubay on the northeastern side of the mainland which generally trend to the north and south directions. The first range attains a maximum elevation of 404 meters above sea level while the second range of elongated (MORE)

What are the native delicacy in Bohol?

Here are some of the delicacies in Bohol:- Torta: A sweet cake made of flour, lard and egg yolks which Boholanos love to serve to visitors during celebrations Calamay: Sticky rice with sugar, coconut milk, vanilla and nuts. It is sold in coconut shells sealed shut by a band of red tape Suman (MORE)

Are there any Bohol Hotels located in California?

There are not any Bohol hotels located in California because Bohol is an island province of the Philippines. There are, however, many Luxury hotels offered in California because of the large amount of celebrities who travel to the sunny state.

Are there any Bohol hotels in Oregon?

I did a search on Bohol hotels and I would say no their are no Bohol hotels in Oregon . Bohol is a place in the Philippines. Oregon is a place in the US. Try searching for alternative hotels in Oregon.

What is Bohol Airport?

Actually, New Bohol Airport is currently on design stage. The exact name is New Bohol International Airport to be constructed in Panglao Island, Bohol. The target completion date is by 3rd quarter of 2016. Currently, Bohol has one airport called Tagbilaran Airport.

Where are the best bohol hotels located?

The best Bohol hotels are located along the coastline, often stretching into differing parts of the city. It is best to look for a Bohol hotel either through a travel agent or word of mouth.

What are the sites to see in Bohol Philippines?

The sites to see in Bohol Philippines include: Beaches in Alona, Dauis Church, the Sandugo blood compact site in Tagbilaran city, the pier of Baclayon and the floating restaurants in Loba etc.

Where is the Bohol Island located?

The Bohol Island is in the Philippines. It is southeast of Cebu Island, and southwest from Leyte Island. Bohol Island is mountainous, and is home to many endangered species.

Is binagol a native delicacy of Bohol?

t is a native dish in the Philippines, the island of Leyte, and thecity of Dagami is famous for its quality of production. It is asweetened taro root pudding with nuts.