What are the beautiful spots at Bohol?

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There are so many tourist spots in Bohol. Historic spots, like the Blood Compact site in Bool, Tagbilaran City and Punta Cruz in Maribojoc, are quite popular with tourists. There are also lots of scuba diving and swimming sites in Panglao Island. But the most iconic spot, and one which Bohol is world renowned for, is the Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol.
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What are the beautiful spots in Region 1?

The beautiful places in Region 1 are Vigan, a historic town listed by UNESCO in its World Heritage List (1999); Tirad Pass, a national shrine; La Union, the pilgrimage center

Beautiful spots in region 1?

Region 1 is mostly known as Ilocos Region. To enjoy the travel inthis region, you have to visit La Paz Sand Dunes, Bangui Windmills,Calle Crisologo, Bolinao Falls, Sta. Maria

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What are some beautiful spots in Mindanao?

THE WATERFALLS IN ILIGAN CITY... yeah i agree cos I am from Iligan city...that small but industrious city has more than 20 waterfalls some accessible and some aren't..go for
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