What are the chances of a baby who lives through shaken baby syndrome coming out normal?

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on the scall from 1-10 I would say 5%. if you have a baby in that condition than you have half a chance of him or her coming out normal.
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Can shaken baby syndrome lead to antisocial personality disorder?

Answer . Very good question. It is possible. Anything is possible. I believe this is a chemical imbalance, so it is possible. I wish an expert would elaborate on this. If antisocial is due to a chemical imbalance, then might shaking interfere with chemical pathways? An expert would know. Either w (MORE)

Can a mother who smokes Meth with unborn baby are there injurys of defects of shaken baby sydromone?

I think you're a little confused. A baby born to a mother who did Meth in pregnancy is a drug-baby. Shaken baby syndrome happens when someone physically shakes an innocent baby and it's brain actually is injured.. Answer. A baby born to a mother who smoked meth can have many defects. In fact th (MORE)

What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

"shaken baby syndrome" is when a baby is shaken in a violent motion that causes death or serious injury to the brain. Typically a child will have retinal bleeding, brain bleeding and brain swelling (which typically does the most damage).

Why do twin newborn babies have a higher chance of getting Shaken Baby Syndrome that single infants?

Multiples are always at a higher risk for any form of neglect or abuse. The answer is simple, multiples always cry twice as much, twice as many diapers, everything is times two or three or whatever the number. Also the reason has to do with the fact that the twins are smaller meaning the are more at (MORE)

What are the chances of getting pregnancy through test tube baby?

The probability of getting pregnant through the process of "test tube babies" or invitro fertilization* is 100% because this kind of fertilization is modified to give successful zygotes. * fertilization is done in a lab wherein the egg and sperm's union takes place in a petri dish or a test t (MORE)

Would babies with polyspleenia syndrome develop immunity at the same rate and the same age as other normal babies?

This is a common question amongst patients. It really depends on the specific case. Most frequently, the answer is yes, a baby with polysplenia will develop immunity within the same timeframe as any "normal" child (not that there is a normal in human development). In rare cases, however the division (MORE)

Shaken baby syndrome?

Pretty self explanatory, "shaken baby syndrome" is when a child is shaken in a violent motion that causes death or serious injury to the brain. Typically a child will have retinal bleeding, brain bleeding and brain swelling (which typically does the most damage).

Is shaken baby syndrome more common in teen parents?

I don't think so. it can happen in babies before they are taken home from hospital. you can check the whole article here - http://articles.mercola.com/sites/vitalvotes/archive/2009/02/17/new-doubts-about-the-shaken-baby-theory.aspx

What chance does a 29 week old baby have of living?

Pretty high. There is a lot that can be done to help a baby born at 29 weeks. He or she would need to be in an incubator for a while and have help with breathing and feeding, but the chances of survival are high

How can Shaken Baby Syndrome be prevented?

Better observation of the parents prebirth and post birth. Better observation of how they interact with each other before the baby arrives. A clear understanding of the metal ability of both parents to cope with stress and daily challenges the couple face before the baby arrives will provide a good (MORE)

Can a person live a normal life if their lung collapsed as a baby?

Whether a newborn, child, adult, or senior citizen, once a lung is re-inflated (tube inserted to remove air or fluid), the lung heals. There may be slight scar tissue where the surgical "stab" entry was made to insert the tube, but this generally doesn't cause long-term problems for most patients. S (MORE)

How do you identify that your baby has Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Babies with Shaken Baby syndrome often die from their injuries and it is a very serious medical condition. However, physicians can tell if a baby has been shaken - often from brain contusions or concussions, internal brain bleeding (hemorrhages), retinal hemorrhages (bleeding of the eyes). It is abs (MORE)

How do you live normally on cp without babies?

Don't go to the pet shop only go there to buy a puffle ore play puffle roundup and if u see a baby in a room just leave that room if your advertising u could always come back to that room to see if its gone dont make baby-like rooms this will only remind uf them. Hope this answered your question! (MORE)

Can a baby die immediately from shaken baby syndrome?

Yes, very easily. Shaking can cause diffuse axonal injury, which is a stretching of the thin, developing axonal nerves in the infant brain. This is identified at autopsy. Shaking incidents that lead to death cause brain hemmoraging and edema (swelling) and retinal hemorrhaging. This is similar to ot (MORE)

Would shaken Baby syndrome be a reason why a babies head is so big?

No in the first place a baby's head is disproportionately large if looked at by adult standards. shaking a baby may cause brain damage however it wont make a baby's head bigger then it is supposed to be. There are conditions where baby's and children have much bigger heads then normal but these have (MORE)

Effects of shaken baby synbrom?

Baby's effect on shaken baby syndrome (a syndrome a baby receives when a parent shakes their baby out of frustration, anger, or annoyance) can cause the baby awful brain damage that is very painful and stays with them their whole life, can cause the baby damage to their neck, and spinal cord, and if (MORE)

Can you have a baby with lupus and a normal baby?

You can have a child with lupus, and then go on to have a child without lupus. If you are asking whether or not you can have a baby when you have lupus, the answer is yes. Lupus pregnancies are considered high risk, even though most progress without complications. The obstetrician and rheumatolog (MORE)

What happens when a baby is shaken severely?

The baby can have severe brain damage for the rest of their life. They may become blind, or they could have motor impairment (i.e. cerebral palsey) and they may have some cognitive impairments.

Can shaken baby syndrome happen to small dogs?

Yes, it's possible to do to any living animal. Especially, it they are very young. You can do serious damage to the brain when a small animal or baby is shaken, it could possibly happen to yourself as well.

Which is better shaken baby syndrome or abusing a baby?

Both are very bad, but I believe you are asking which is worse - shaking or striking a baby. Depending on the severity of a beating, the majority of infants and children survive abusive events (though abdominal injuries are particularly lethal). In shaking events, there is a 20-25% chance of death (MORE)

How do you start a conclusion paragraph on shaken baby syndrome?

Here is an appropriate conclusion for a (hopefully) well-researched paper on SBS: Since medical doctors have initially named the condition of Shaken Baby Syndrome, it has been commonly known that this diagnosis is a result of an abusive act. Though defense experts in SBS cases try to sway juries th (MORE)

How is Shaken baby syndrome prevented?

Shaken baby syndrome is preventable with public education. Adults must be actively taught that shaking a child is never acceptable and can cause severe injury or death.

What causes the damage in shaken baby syndrome?

The cause of the brain, neck, and spine damage that can result from shaken baby syndrome is brute force. The violent shaking of a baby by a much stronger adult conveys a tremendous amount of energy to the infant.

What is the treatment for shaken baby syndrome?

Initially, treatment is provided on an emergency basis. Life-saving measures can include stopping internal bleeding in the brain and relieving pressure that can build up in the brain because of bleeding and swelling of the brain.

Why are babies shaken?

The shaking may occur as a response of frustration to the baby's inconsolable crying or as an action of routine abuse

What is the prognosis for children with shaken baby syndrome?

The prognosis for children with shaken baby syndrome is usually poor. Twenty percent of cases result in death within the first few days. If an infant survives, he or she will most often be left with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

What will a shaken baby show?

A shaken baby may present one or more signs, including vomiting; difficulty breathing, sucking, swallowing, or making sounds; seizures; and altered consciousness