What are the chances of getting pregnant with no pre-ejaculate fluid or semen?

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If there is none of either one then you can't get pregnant
Precum (cowpers fluid) is produced without sperm . there is a slim chance that it may have become contaminated with sperm from a previous ejaculation. The chance of it making you pregnant is very slim but definitely there.
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What are the chances of getting pregnant from 'pre-ejaculatory fluid'?

Chances of Pregnancy From Pre-ejaculatory Fluid Pre-ejaculatory (or pre-cum) fluid does have sperm in it but is a very, very minimal amount. Technically speaking pre-ejacu

What are your chances of getting pregnant if pre-ejaculate fluid just slightly touched the vagina?

Answer . If sperm came into contact with your vagina there there is a risk of pregnancy. Precum does contain sperm. Here is some information to you which might help you in

Can you increase the chance of getting pregnant from pre-ejaculatory fluid?

Answer . Yes, there is absolutely a risk of pregnancy with any unprotected sex. Wrap that rascal, as it's the most effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and more imp

What are the chances of getting pregnant with pre-ejaculate fluid?

Cum is not the medical term. Ejaculation or preejaculatory are ones more aplicable. Just before ejaculation occures, a gland known as Bulbourethal or Cowper's Gland secrets it

If pre-ejaculation fluid leaks through clothing is there more of a chance of you getting HIV or getting pregnant?

Answer . It is very risky to have unprotected sex if you are not trying to get pregnant. Also STD can be caught very easily and you may ruin your life ! Use protection! Th

Chances of getting pregnant from pre-ejaculate fluid?

Answer . Although there's not as much sperm in pre-ejaculate as in a full ejaculation, those sperm are just as viable. So, if you engage in activities where they can come
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What is the chance of getting pregnant from semen?

it massively depends on four factors. First the fertility of the male. Secondly the fertility of the female. Thirdly, when your last period was. Fourth, contraceptive effectiv