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What are the characteristics of a fish?

1. Fish are mostly ectothermic.
2. They have gill slits which they use to breathe by drawing out oxygen from the water around them.
3. All fish are vertebrates.
4. Most are covered in scales while some can be covered in skin.
5. Their limbs end in fins and not in digits. Although some fishes do not actually have any limbs.
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What are the characteristics of fighting fish?

Your little fighter should be vibrant in color, and viral in action. He should be aggressive, almost, angry looking from the moment you see him in the store. They are aggressi (MORE)
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What are the characteristics of stale fish?

Characteristic of fresh fish:Smell· A fresh fish should have little or no smell. The digestive tract of living fish contains enzymes. When a fish dies, these enzymes help ba (MORE)
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3 characteristics of fish?

Have swim bladders to allow them to float up and down in the water, have scales as a sort of 'armor' and they can smell through their skin.
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Ray Finned Fish Facts

Ray finned fish are one of two types of bony fish found in the world today. They make up over half of all living vertebrates and are the largest group of fish known to man wit (MORE)

5 Facts About Gourami Fish

Gouramis are one of the most sought-after species of freshwater fish for the home aquarium. They are one of many fish types that are colorful and fun to watch. They come in a (MORE)
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What are the characteristics of fish?

They swim, they have gills, they live under water, they are sea creatures. They have fins, they travel in schools, they live underwater, and they have scales. Most fishes hav (MORE)
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What are the characteristics of a cartilaginous fish?

Cartilaginous fish have entirely cartilaginous endoskeletons, meaning their skeletons are made from cartilage. They also have strong jaws, paired appendages, well-developed se (MORE)
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What are 10 characteristics of fish?

1.body of fish consists of head,trunk and tailexamples are sharks,rohu,thaila and trout etc
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What are three characteristics of fish?

Characteristics of All Fish1. They are ectothermic, aquatic vertebrates. 2. Their skin is generally covered with scales. 3. Their limbs are modified into fins for swimming.
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What are physical characteristics of star fish?

sea stars have spiny skin to protect themself. they usually have 5 arms some speicies have as many as 30 arms. they have suction cups to help them stick to hard surfaces or he (MORE)
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