What are the characteristics of managerial economics?

What are the characteristics of managerial economics?
1. Micro econonic nature. 2.use of macro economics 3.use of theory firm 4.prospective nature 5.practical approch 6. Decision making at managerial level 7. Normative economics 8. Nature of business economics
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What is managerial economics?

Managerial economics is a study of application of managerial skills in economics,more over it help to find problems or obstacles in the business and provide solution for those (MORE)

Nature and scope of managerial economics?

Managerial Economics has a close connection with economics theory  (micro as well as macro-economics), operations research,  statistics, mathematics and the theory of decisi (MORE)

What is the nature of managerial economics?

managerial economics deals with the business firm and the economic problems it need to solve.it is the integration of the economic theories and business practise with the purp (MORE)

What is Trickle-Down Economics?

Economics is one of those subjects that are either easy for you to grasp, or you have to spend some time with it to really wrap your mind around it. The specifics can be trick (MORE)

Top 5 Trends Affecting the U.S. Economy

In order to protect your home, job and savings for retirement it is important to understand the top U.S. economic trends. While these trends are continually changing and evolv (MORE)

What is the incremental concept of managerial economics?

Incremental analysis includes two conceptsIncremental costIncremental revenueIC is the additional cost incurred for additional output. In other words changes in cost due to ch (MORE)

How managerial economics is pragmatic?

Managerial economics is pragmatic since it is practical subject. It prevents abstracts issues of economics theory and help in solving complications that are not covered by eco (MORE)

What are demand determinants in managerial economics?

 1)price of the product 2)price of the substitute product 3) advertisement effect 4) consumers expectations  5) tastes and habits  6)cl (MORE)

What do you mean by managerial economics and what is science?

Managerial economics applies economic theory and methods to business and administrative decision making. Managerial economics prescribes rules for improvingmanagerial decision (MORE)