What are the characteristics of managerial economics?

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1. Micro econonic nature. 2.use of macro economics 3.use of theory firm 4.prospective nature 5.practical approch 6. Decision making at managerial level 7. Normative economics 8. Nature of business economics
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Relevant of managerial economics in an organization?

Managerial economics use economics concepts when making decisions about how an organization is to be managed, especially financially. This is one approach to running an organi (MORE)

What do you mean by managerial economics and what is science?

Managerial economics applies economic theory and methods to business and administrative decision making. Managerial economics prescribes rules for improving managerial decisio (MORE)

What is managerial economics?

Managerial economics is a study of application of managerial skills in economics,more over it help to find problems or obstacles in the business and provide solution for those (MORE)

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Economy is a dynamic process that is always at work, and is responsible for the financial security of a nation. The economic activity of a region or nation is dependent upon v (MORE)

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If an individual has an interest in business and finance, has strong math skills, and enjoys finding solutions to problems, they may want to consider earning a bachelor's degr (MORE)

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Nature and scope of managerial economics?

Managerial Economics has a close connection with economics theory  (micro as well as macro-economics), operations research,  statistics, mathematics and the theory of decisi (MORE)

What is the incremental concept of managerial economics?

Incremental analysis includes two concepts Incremental cost Incremental revenue IC is the additional cost incurred for additional output. In other words changes in cost due to (MORE)

How managerial economics is pragmatic?

Managerial economics is pragmatic since it is practical subject. It prevents abstracts issues of economics theory and help in solving complications that are not covered by eco (MORE)

Incremental reasoning in managerial economics?

The incremental reasoning is used in accepting or rejecting a business proposition or option.   Whenever a manager takes decision he asks the question "Is it worthwhile?" T (MORE)