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What are the common body dynamics in most martial arts?

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Because the human body is a pretty standard item, it has specific types of movements and the joints and muscles work the same way for everyone. Knowing how a Boyd moves means that you know how to block it and how to leverage these to cause pain or damage.

A straight punch or kick, basic blocks and movements are fairly consistent across the martial arts. Even many of the joint locks are seen across the board.
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Is martial arts good for your health?

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What is the name of the most popular Russian martial art?

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Who is the most powerful martial arts legend?

That would be tea merchant Hung Hei Kung, the inventor of Hung Gar Chuan. Nobody mastered Shaolin Kung Fu as quickly as he did. Legend even says he defeated Wudang masters, in

What is considered to be the most deadly martial art?

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Why are martial arts called an art?

Is called an art because it is sophisticated and when someone performs a series of movements which called Kata it flows and tells a story, it is harmonious and takes years to

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[Note: While debates can rage on with personal opinions, these are best served on the discussion page for this question.] The answer to this question might be expressed in p

What is the most physically-demanding martial art?

The physical demands of a martial art are defendant upon the practitioner, not the specific style. A karate kata can be done slowly and quietly, or it can be done at a more ra
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What is the most effective style of martial arts?

There is no such thing. To begin with, the term "style" is often misused as it pertains to Martial Art education. How a person "performs" is their own unique fighting "style."

What is the most powerful martial art?

SHORT ANSWER: The short answer is that no system of Martial Art should be viewed as "better" than any other system, and any such claim would clearly be a matter of individual
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What is mixed martial arts?

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What martial arts are most effective in a street fight?

Assuming you are young and fit enough, if you need a martial art  you can use, and need to use right away I would go with Judo; its  simple, and grappling is intuitive to al

What is the most dangerous martial arts in the world?

In my opinion, "Shastar Vidiya" which literally means "knowledge of arms." This unique martial art concentrates on deadly weapons training. The art itself dates back to the 16