What are the defferences between text editor and wysiwyg editor?

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All wysiwig editors are text editors, but not all text editors are wysiwig. The acronym "wysiwyg" stands for "what you see is what you get." All text editors let you compose on the computer, and most provide some tools for managing the process of inputting and outputting. However, not all are wysiwyg. For example, the screen font may not be the same as the printed font. With wysiwig, the text will print just as you see it on the screen. That is to say, the formatting that you see on the screen will be what you see on the printed page, in terms of (for example) font, margins, and pagination.
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Difference between a publisher and an editor?

A publisher is the group, organisation, company or individual who is responsible for originating the production of a publication. Normally it is also the person or body who bears the cost/financial risk in making a product available. It is not normally the printer. For example: While the Universit (MORE)

What is the difference between a publisher and an editor?

The difference between an editor and a publisher is : *Publisher- is a group, organization, company or individual who is responsible for origination the production of a publication. Normally it is also the person or body who bears the cost\financial risk in making a product available. It is not n (MORE)

What are the functions of text editor?

Answer Text editors allow data entry and updating. Some additional capabilities are: - duplicating or deleting lines or blocks of lines - changing specific text or using a regular expression to change a range of text - moving sections of text - finding text - screen movement (up, down, left or righ (MORE)

What is the difference between a general editor and a copy editor in publishing?

A copy editor is specifically charged with looking at the punctuation, grammar, spelling and essential style-guide elements required by the publisher. A copy editor may also be charged with building an index, generating a table of contents and so forth. A general editor or editor is a catch- (MORE)

How can i get a mart editor that actually works... A-mart dont work... and how can i get a text editor that works..?

a mart and a text work! you just have to download the missing file. ;) if you get a pop-up saying that there is a missing file write that file name down and search it on Google. you should get a thing that says file library or something in the first result. click on that and you can download the (MORE)

What is a text editor?

A text editor is a computer program that allows you to edit plain text. Programmers and developers use text editors to write and edit code in various programming and markup languages. Most computers come installed with very basic text editors, which provide limited capabilities. The text editors us (MORE)

What is the best Linux text editor?

Different users have different opinions about what the best text editor is. Believe it or not, this was a major flamewar topic throughout the 80s and early 90s. Vi, Vim, eMacs, and nano are all popular choices for command-line text editors. There isn't as much flaming in the GUI arena, but there is (MORE)

What is the Structure of text editor?

It has nearly of about 4 components that include : . editing component . viewing component . traveling component . display component These are the components that include the structure of a text editor.

Where can i download Pokemon text editor for ruby?

It can be downloaded from www.wahackpokemon.com.theres a thing cald advance text. -Above is wrong. A-Text only works fully for FireRed and LeafGreen. For Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, you can only edit most things in the first town and the introduction.

Text editor functions?

Text editors allow data entry and updating. Some additional capabilities are: - duplicating or deleting lines or blocks of lines - changing specific text or using a regular expression to change a range of text - moving sections of text - finding text - screen movement (up, down, left or right) by li (MORE)

Where can i download a Pokemon ROM text editor?

Sorry but we can not provide URLs (links) in the actual answers. But i advise doing the following: Another way is go to Google and type in pokétext or poketext and that's it, it should be the first one.

What are the disadvantages of using a plain text editor?

When typing casual or formal documents, there is no control over font size and family changing within portions of the document; all font sizes and families must be the same. This can make professional documents less appealing, or look cheesy.. When programming, syntax is not highlighted, making deb (MORE)

Difference between a word proccessor and a text editor?

A word processor allows you greater control over the formatting of text (i.e. Font face, color, size, margins, tables, et. al).. A text editor typically does not contain such features only allowing you to edit the text without any control over the formatting.. For example, the Notepad application (MORE)

What is the most powerful text editor in Ubuntu?

People often have different opinions on which editor is "best" or "most powerful." By default, Ubuntu comes with one graphical text editor, gedit, and two for the console, vi and nano. gedit and nano are far easier for a beginner to use, but vi is faster for those with experience.

What is the difference between line and stream editors?

A line oriented editor uses navigation and other means by linenumbers. When you print a line, move to a line, or change somethingin a line all that is shown is the line itself, and not with thecontext of what is being changed. Line oriented editors were common when screen or page based editingwas n (MORE)

C program to create a text editor?

You can use any development system, C or otherwise, to write a text editor. The tool to create one, however, depends upon which environment you want it used under (command-line or graphical). Assuming you're using the Win32API in one form or another, the CreateWindow() function can be used to c (MORE)

What is the vi text editor?

vi text editor is a standard text editor found in almost every flavor of Linux, it is the most preferred text editor by most Linux professionals, other text editors include nano and pico are also decent substitutes for the vi editor

What is the difference between a writer and an editor?

A writer is the author of the post, in which whom the post belongs to. The editor obviously "edits" the post, making sure it makes sense. Like a newspaper report, the writer's name will be at the bottomof the post and so will the editor's. An editor is somewhat similar to a publisher.

What are the advantages of text editors?

Text editors allow you to edit and write plain text without formatting. This is especially useful if you are working with code in programming and markup languages. Advanced text editors include features like syntax highlighting, which can color code text based on the programming language it is writ (MORE)

Is Microsoft Word a text editor?

Microsoft Word is a word processor, rather than a text editor. Using Word to do things like write HTML code can cause problems as additional characters may be added which can confuse browsers. However, some HTML editors have a facility where by you can copy and paste text from Word onto a special (MORE)

What does an editor do?

The editor's role and right is to correct, punctuate, amend or reject any article or contribution by the contributor

What is the name of the text editor used in Linux?

There is no the text editor in Linux. There are dozens of possible text editors available for Linux, such as: . ed . vi . Vim . Emacs . JOE . Nano . JED . Kate . Gedit . Mousepad . Leafpad . jEdit . Xedit . Geany . NEdit . JuffEd . JOVE

What is the differences between gedit and vi editor?

Gedit is a general purpose text editor that is the default text editor of the GNOME desktop environment. Part of the GNOME Core Applications, it emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. Tools for editing source code and structured text, such as markup languages, are included in the program. It is an (MORE)

What is the difference between text editors and word processors?

Q: What's the difference between a text-editor and a word processor? A: Good question, and a tricky one as well! At first glance, it would seem like they are both the same. They both edit text, but a word processor does it more extensively than a text editor. Let's go into a little detail (MORE)

Why we use vim in text editor?

Vim is just one of many text editors. I prefer nano which is more basic and simpler to use than vim. It is all a question of preference.

What is the difference between a Text Editor and HTML?

A text editor is a program that allows you to manipulate plain text. You can use a text editor to write HTML, if you'd like. An HTML editor normally has specific features which make coding HTML easier. Syntax-highlighting being chief amongst them. An HTML editor also works in plain-text, however. Y (MORE)

What is the difference between compiler and editor?

An editor is just a program in which you write and edit the program. The compiler is used to compile the program, i.e., convert the program to machine understandable code. A development environment often combines the both into an intelligent application called the IDE or Integrated Development Envir (MORE)

Who invented the text editor?

Text editors developed from TTY terminals and were originally line editors. The first full screen text editor was developed in the late sixties by IDA programmers Djorup and Irons. Another editor was developed around the same time by IBM (Mansfield and Calander (sp?)). I believe the IDA version is c (MORE)

Who is know to be the text editor for VIM?

The text editor for VIM is Bram Moolenaar who created Vi IMitation (VIM) in 1988. The first public release was on November 2, 1991 and in 1993 a new improved version was released.

What are the ten top Wysiwyg editors?

Fortunately, there is a list of the top Windows WYSIWYG editors. The top ten, according to some sources are Adobe Dream Weaver, Microsoft Expression Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Netobjects Fusion, Microsoft Expression Studio, Seamonkey, Coffee Cup, Amaya, Evrsoft First Page, and Alleycode.

Where was the Emacs text editor first developed?

The Emacs text editor was first developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the 1970s by Richard Stallman and Guy L Steele Jr.MIT is a private research university with a strong emphasis on science, engineering and technology research.

What is a wysiwyg html editor?

WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get. The HTML editor shows you exactly what you will see on the browser page. It is similar to a word processor that automatically generates the HTML code for you.

What is the function of a text editor?

A text editor is program that allows you to open, view, and edit plain text files. Unlike word processors, text editors do not add formatting to text, instead focusing on editing functions for plain text.