What are the differences between the lovely bones book and the movie?

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They are a lot, i'll do everything i can think

Book: In general things are a lot less friendly
Movie: In general things are neutered.

Book: Susie is raped and murdered. We are told and have it described to us by Susie, it's not pleasant.
Movie: Susie only killed, it's a lot more tame.

Book: Heaven is depicted as a place where you get what you want. However you can't get everything until you "give up desiring certain things". You don't exactly give up the ability to see Earth since Susie can still do it but she still had to move on. However Heaven as a whole is like a town
Movie: That period is depicted as an inbetween field with huge fake-looking CGI items based on what you desire. Heaven itself is apparently another place not connected to to the in-between

Book: The book covers a lot of time
Movie: the movie covers much little time in comparison

Book: Mr Harvey dumbs Susie body from the safe very early in the sink hole
Movie: He doesn't do it to much later

Book: Abigail (Susie's mother) is depicted as being at odds with her life as being a mother limiting her. She eventually has an affair with len Fenerman and then she up and leaves for Vermont and then goes to California to run away and doesn't return until Jack has a heart attack.
Movie: Abigail is less open. There is no affair and she just leaves for grief and comes back when Jack is in the hospital, not much depth at all.

Book: It is a heart attack Jack has after Buckley lays into him about not moving on that leads his wife back
Movie: It's just the cornfield attack that does it

Book: Sex is highly present
Movie: It's not.

Book: Susie experiences lot of sex scenes from her Heaven view. She sees her parents twice within the narration and remembers back to when they would have it on special days he would come home from work. She also witnesses her mother's two flings with Len Fenerman She witnesses her sister lose her virginity at summer camp to her boyfriend and then later in life just before the marriage proposal they have sex in a house. Her best friend Clarissa's sex life is also known to her.
Movie: All that is not existence.

Book: Mr Harvey leaves town earlier
Movie: Mr Harvey leaves town later

Book: When Mr Harvey drives back into town the souls of his victims seem to follow (human and animal) from his old house into his car, this is what makes Ruth faint near the end of the story
Movie: None of those elements are every expressed

Book: Susie uses Ruth's body to have sex with Ray
Movie: It's a kiss

Book: Ray kissed Susie before she died
Movie: Ray didn't ever kiss Susie

Book: Ray is a chief suspect at first
Movie: Ray is not a suspect.

Book: Ray's mother plays an important part, she talks to Jack and gives him the words if she were him she would kill Harvey, she talks to Abigail over things they can relate, she also serves as a character with issues with her husband who has a major disconnect
Movie: She passes by in the mall....that's it.

Book: Death by icicle is the idea Lindsey, her boyfriend Samuel, Artie and Ruth use to win the perfect murder contest at gifted camp, Susie says it's her choice too, and then Mr Harvey dies from one.
Movie: No gifted camp, no Susie ever mentioning an icicle.

Book: Mr Harvey kills animals to feed his appetite.
Movie: None

Book: We learn about Harvey's childhood
Movie: Guess what we don't

Book: Lindsey gets the evidence form a pad in Harvey's bedroom
Movie: It's hidden to make it more dramatic

Book: Holiday the dog has a bigger role. He howls at Harvey's house and frequently is seen as a sign of comfort, and reunites with Susie in heaven
Movie: Holiwho?

Book: Holly is a girl who becomes Susie's roomate in Heaven
Movie: Holly is a victim of Mr Harvey

Book: Hal Heckler, Samuel's brother exists and becomes a semi important character in the family
Movie: Hal isn't shown

Book: Buckley shows development and grows angry for his mother leaving
Movie: Buckley is less relevant.

Book: We grow with Lindsey a lot and so does Susie. She's a lot more relate able character in the book
Movie: Same as her brother Lindsey is less relevant

Book: Susie seems more carefree
Movie: Susie is more emotional

Book: Heaven lets you watch on Earth as in be physically in a position and be seen in the form like what most think of as ghost. Jack sees Susie once in the reflection, Lindsey sees her running in front of her at Mr Harvey's house, Buckley spots her under a clock, etc
Movie: Susie's in some other dimension apparently where none of that would be possible as she just sees things and everything is reflected in CGI

Book: Ruth is explored more, we see her develop her complex feelings. She is considered to be more of a lesbian, her attempts to experiment with Ray don't lead anywhere but this adds to her character
Movie: Ruth is limited a lot

Book: It's about growing as time goes on and developing the lovely bones that restrengthen the lives of her loved ones so she can move on.
Movie: Seriously if i didn't read the book i'd have no clue what the hell the lovely bones are.

There's probably more points i can make but i feel i gave enough
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