What are the disadvantages of digital printing?

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What are the disadvantages of print media?

One disadvantage to print media is the fact that you have to mailit to others instead of sending it electronically. By mailing it,decisions and responses based on the informat

Disadvantage of print media?

There are quite a few disadvantages of printed media. The biggestdisadvantage of printed media is that it takes a very long time toreach the entire population.

What are the advantages and disadvantage of offset printing?

Advanatges: * Quick and easy production of printing plates * High image quality * The plates last for long time Disadvantages: * Not perfect for short prints run * T

Disadvantages of flexo printing?

The use of flexo printing has several disadvantages. Some of theseinclude poor shadows, and impressions not being offset and limitedon the plate.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the printing press?

Protestant Reformation The Protestant Reformation may be considered as one of the most influential events of Western history and was ushered in when Martin Luther nailed

What are the advantages and disadvantages of batik printing?

An advantage would be that its straightforward and once you have the hang on it its not hard to forget what your doing. Its also cheap when all the equipment is bought. A dis

What are advantages and disadvantages of letterpress printing?

Letterpress printing uses raised, inked, reversed images pressed against paper to create a properly oriented picture or page of text. The raised image can then be re-inked and

Which printing process can be categorised as Digital Printing?

Generally when people talk about 'digital printing' it is in opposition of 'offset printing'. This can be confusing since they both begin with a digital source. Offset print

What are the advantages and disadvantages of block printing?

ADVANTAGES: - It can add a simple yet intriguing effect to your item. - It is a simple way of transferring text, patterns or images to your item. DISADVANTAGES: - The ca

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a process of using digitalor electronic files from computer or other digital storage devicesas a source. Digital printing won't use press plates or setupbe