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What are the factor pairs of 91?

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The factor pairs of 91 are (1,91) and (7,13).
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Factors of 91?

the factors of 91 are 1,7,13, and 91

What are the factors and prime factors of 91?

The four factors of 91 are 1, 7, 13 and 91. The factor pairs of 91 are 1 x 91 and 7 x 13. The prime factors of 91 are 7 and 13. The prime factorization of 91 is 7 x 13

What is a factor pair?

Factor pairs are any two numbers being multiplied to give you a  certain number.   Factor Pairs of 16:   8x2, 4x4, and 16x1.

What are factor pairs?

Factor pairs are two numbers multiplied together to get one number.  Examples:   One factor pair of 24 is 4, 6.   One factor pair of 70 is 5, 14.   One factor pai

What are pair factors?

Factor pairs are the specific numbers that combine to make a given number. The factor pairs of 24 are (24,1)(12,2)(8,3)(6,4)

What is a pair of a factor?

Divide a number by a factor, the result is another factor. These can be written in pairs. The factor pairs for 24 are (24,1)(12,2)(8,3)(6,4)