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What are the factors of 91?

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The factors of 91 are 1, 7, 13, and 91.
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Factors of 91?

the factors of 91 are 1,7,13, and 91

What are the factors and prime factors of 91?

The four factors of 91 are 1, 7, 13 and 91. The factor pairs of 91 are 1 x 91 and 7 x 13. The prime factors of 91 are 7 and 13. The prime factorization of 91 is 7 x 13

How do you Factor 91 into prime numbers?

Divide by the smallest primes, 2,3,5,7,11,etc.   If it divides without a remainder then it is a factor.   Take the quotient and continue factoring by primes.   91/