What are the five agents of erosion?

What are the five agents of erosion?
The 5 agents of erosion are...

1. Wind

2. Running water

3. Glaciers

4. Waves

5. Gravity
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Three major agents of erosion?

There are four agents of erosion, which may or may not be aided by gravity: Running water (Fluvial erosion)Seas and Oceans (Marine erosion)Wind (Aeolian erosion)Ice (Glacial e (MORE)

Are mudflows an agent of erosion?

Mudflows could very well be an agent of erosion. Their massive weight will move anything in their path. Rocks right up to boulders can be swept down in the rush of the materia (MORE)

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How is running water an agent of erosion?

Running water can overcome the force of gravity on sediment and move it from one place to another place; the definition of erosion.

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