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What are the five agents of erosion?

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The 5 agents of erosion are...

1. Wind

2. Running water

3. Glaciers

4. Waves

5. Gravity
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What are the four agents of erosion?

Water, ice, gravity, and wind.

Five agents of erosion?

1. Moving water 2. Gravity 3. Wind 4. Ice/Glaciers 5. Waves

How is running water an agent of erosion?

Running water can overcome the force of gravity on sediment and move it from one place to another place; the definition of erosion.

Agents of erosion?

Wind, water, ice, and gravity are the agents of erosion.

What are the agents of erosion?

The agents of erosion are wind, water, ice, and gravity.
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Why is wind an important agent of erosion?

Wind can pick up small aggregates and soil particles and displace them in another soil series. Wind can also erode rocks by picking up particles of sand that then slowly erode

What is an agent of erosion?

An agent of erosion is something that could lead to erosion's occurrence. Erosion is the movement of sediment from one place to another place. The agents of erosion are wi

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What is the most effective agent of erosion?

Most sediments are carried by water, with an assist from gravity, so gravity induced moving water is the most effective agent of erosion.