What are the intercepts of 2x plus 6y 12?

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(6,0) and (0,2)
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What is the x-intercept of the line 2x-6y plus 24 equals 0?

The x- intercept of a line occurs when the line crosses the x axis. When this happens the corresponding y value of this point will be 0. From this we know that x-intercepts ha

What are the x and y intercepts of -2x-6y equals 6?

-2x-6y=6 can be written as -6y=2x+6 or y=-2/6x-1 This tells us the y intercept is 1. You can also plug in x=0 to find the y intercept. So when you replace x with 0 in -2x-6

What is the y intercept of 2x plus 6y equals 36?

A line intercepts the y axis when x=0. If we put x=0 into the equation we get 2x0 + 6y = 36 6y = 36 y = 6 (dividing both sides by 6) Thus the line intercepts the y axis when

What is the slope of y intercept of the graph of 3x plus 6y equals 12?

The y-intercept of the line 3x + 6y =12 is ( 0, 2 ) The slope of the line 3x + 6y = 12 is -1/2 Firstly, let's find the y intercept. At the y intercept, the value of the x co