What are the landforms of Venezuela?

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Angel Falls
Guiana Highlands
Amazon Jungle
Andes Mountains
Lake Maracaibo
Orinoco River
Cojedes River
Lake Guri
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What is a landform?

Landforms are features that make up the Earth's surface. There are many kinds of landforms. They can be locations, such as islands; terrain, such as mountains or valleys; or t

What are the landforms?

Here are the types of Landforms: •Aeolian: desert, dry lake, dune, sandhill, tundra •Artificial: artificial island, artificial lake, artificial reef, building, b

Where is Venezuela?

Its location is 8° 0' N and 66° 0'W. Venezuela - officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - is a country on the northern coast of South America (next to the Ca

What can I do in Venezuela?

Eat.Sleep.Walk.Tour.Talk........ you can do waaaaaay more than that. I've been there. you can go to the beach. hike a moutain, you can do anything i was born there in tinaqu

What can you do in Venezuela?

You could go bird watching at Morrocoy National Park and sandboarding at Medanos de Coro National Park. Or you could go scubadiving at Mochima National Park or to the beach at

Landforms in Venezuela?

There are many landforms in Venezuela. A few are the Bocas del Dragon ('''Dragons' Mouth ), Cariaco Basin , the Columbus Channel , the Gulf of Peria, the Gulf of Vene

Where are landforms?

landforms can be found anywere for example sandunes created by wind
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What are landforms for?

Landforms are not 'for' anything, they exist as part of the world.
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Why was Venezuela called Venezuela?

Spanish people named this country Venezuela which means "Little Venice" because Venezuela reminds the Spanish people of Venice because it was by the ocean sea ~Caralina