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What are the largest health insurance companies in the US?

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The following health insurance companies/managed care organizations are shown with their overall Fortune 500 ranking as a US company (2008): 1. UnitedHealth Group - 25 2. WellPoint - 33 3. Aetna - 85 4. Humana - 98 5. Cigna - 141 6. Health Net - 179 7. Coventry Health Care - 266 8. Amerigroup - 555 9. Universal American - 669 10. Centene - 685
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Do all companies have to have health insurance?

The legislation differs depending on which country and region you are in. Some regions/country provide a state-run health insurance, so companies are not required to have one.

How many health insurance companies are there?

According to the Insurance Information Institute there were 1,398 life, health and medical insurers and re-insurers in 2011. http://www.iii.org/facts_statistics/industry-overv

What are the names of health insurance companies?

There are many good health insurance companies. Some are indemnity companies and some are managed care, such as HMOs and PPO's. Costs differ depending upon the company, the ch

What are the top health insurance companies?

There is really no "top" health insurance company. People like or dislike their insurers depending upon many factors, including the manner in which claims are handled and cust

Who regulates health insurance companies?

In USA, Insurance is mostly regulated by states. Each state has insurance commissioner that regulates Life, health, property/casualty insurers, etc. Many federal laws (such as

What is the best health insurance company to get health insurance?

Everyone has their own opinion on what company is the best based on their personal experience. I work in insurance for a group of doctors and my best experiences have been wit
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How do you build a health insurance company?

Insurance is presently regulated by State law (not Federal). Each State prescribes statutory requirements that must be followed in order to enter the business of insurance. St