What are the main features of comedy?

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It can be anything, but as long as it makes people laugh, it's a comedy. It has to also be amusing
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What are thhe main features of Shakespeare's comedy?

· A struggle of old haters to overcome difficulty, often presented by young people · Separation and re-unification · Mistaken identities

Features of comedy of manners?

comedy of manners : . difficult plot . telling names of characters . motifs: exchange of lovers, the battle of the sexes, anti-heroic- rake, showing the process of

What are the features of a shakespearean comedy?

Typically, people end up getting married at the end. Almost all of Shakespeare's early comedies end this way. An exception is Love's Labour's Lost, where "our wooing doth not

Essential features of comedy of manners?

A Comedy of Manners had certain defining features. First of all,the action took place in London. Second, there was always somecomparison between elements of the country, and e

Who are the main characters in a comedy of errors?

The main characters in the Comedy Of Errors are: Antipholus of Syracuse - The twin brother ofAntipholus of Ephesus and the son of Egeon; he has been travelingthe world with
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What are the features of sentimental comedy?

Key Features: Egregious sexual jokes Wit focussed predominantly on excrupulous debauchery and sexualpromiscuity of early 18th century post-Rennaissance aristocraticsociety Ty
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What is an anti sentimental comedy with its features?

An anti-sentimental comedy is one that does not use emotions toevoke reflection in an audience. Instead an anti-sentimental comedywill use cynicism to achieve its message.
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What are the features of Shakespeare's comedy?

Generally, Shakespearean comedies begin sadly; the death of a loved one, a shipwreck, a banishment. And, again generally, they end happily; most often with a marriage or celeb
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Who are some of the comedians featured on Comedy Central?

Some of the comedians featured on Comedy Central are: Lewis Black, Dane Cook, Jeff Duffman, Mitch Hedberg, Demitri Martin, Carlos Mencia, Brian Regan, Dave Attell, Frank Calie