What are the major exports and imports of Japan and SOuth Africa?

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Japans major imports Major Imports are as follows: ships, automobiles, steel, plastics, machinery, cameras, and electornics
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What does south Africa import from japan?

South Africa imports technology-related goods from Japan. Inreturn, they export base metals and agricultural products to Japan.Since 1992, when diplomatic relations were estab

Major import and export products of japan?

• Top 10 Imports (Japan from world) crude oil, textile articles, electronic components, computers, LNG, fishes and shells, audio and visual apparatus, nonferrous metals,

Major imports and exports in South Africa?

The major imports in South Africa include chemicals, petroleum,electronics and so much more. The exports on the other hand aregold, platinum, iron ore and so much more.

What does South Africa export to Japan?

Japan is one of the principal trade partners of South Africa. Chiefexports of South Africa include gold, diamonds, sugar, minerals,metals and corn.

Import export South Africa?

Gold (Export), Chemicals (Import), transport items/equipment (Import), Motor vehicles (Export)

What is the major imports in South Africa?

south Africa's major imports are scientific machinery, gold, diamonds, money and cars. south Africa import and export partners are the USA, the UK China, and Germany

What are the major imports and exports of africa?

Africa exports a variety of commodities that include palm oil,diamonds, gold, oil, cocoa, and precious metals. Major imports ofAfrica include chemicals, equipment, machinery,