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computer watch clock radio and mp3/ipod

These are some of the most used items, but the sure winner is the cell phone. i recently ran across an article on the link below that says why the cell phone is the clear winner.
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Most commonly used OS?

I would say Windows, Mac, and Linix. But, this source says that its ITRON a Japanese operating system. Go to this link for more. http://www.linuxinsider.com/story/31855.html

What are 6 commonly used items in the 1960s?

Some commonly used items in the 1960s were: DishwashersBoth black and white and color televisionsRotary telephonesStereo record playersBattery-powered radios Polaroid cameras
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What types of items are most commonly made of velour material?

Velour is a soft, comfortable fabric which typically has a good amount of stretch. These qualities make it especially suitable for garments where comfort is at a premium, for
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What is pfg most commonly used for?

PFG can mean several things.  PFG or Performance fishing gear is used for professional fisher men to catch fish.  PFG for myspace is used at the end of names to show you are