What are the natural way of eye beautification?

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What is a natural way to get rid of dark under eye circles?

Getting rid or dark cricles is pretty easy. I'm in middle school and on the trip from home to school I put slised cucumbers on my eyes for about 15 minutes. I also put them on

How do you change eye color naturally?

You can try using honey diluted with water. You first dilute it in a jar and then use an eyedropper to lightly squeeze some honey into your eye. CAUTION: This may sting a litt

Why do my eyes change colour naturally?

(sorry about the spelling, I spell 'color' differently) My eyes change color as well. When I was eight I had blue eyes then they turned to green. Ever since my eyes change

How do you naturally lighten eye color?

YOu cant, unfortunately. But I would recommend going to your eye doctor and getting coloured contacts. They are usually pretty cheap and look fantabulous! You don't even need

How do you correct eye vision naturally?

To correct eye vision you need lots of CARROTS they really help . I eat carrots for lunch and dinner. Another trick is to drink carrot juice I know it sounds bad but it is rea
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Is it possible to have purple eyes naturally?

The guy who answered this obviously didn't even even consider using google... yes purple eyes are possible, hook up "Alexandria's Genesis," you"ll know more there...
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What is the natural cure for itchy eyes?

A couple of natural cures for itchy eyes are chamomile tea bags, cucumbers, rosewater, aloe vera, raw potatoes, fenugreek, milk, water and salt, green tea bags and vegetable j
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Is beautification a noun?

Yes, the word 'beautification' is a noun , a word for theprocess of making something appealing to the senses; a word fora thing.