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What are the pads for leg protections used in soccer called?

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Shin pads or shin gaurds.
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In the US why dont they call football soccer and soccer football?

Probably because in the USA the single word 'football' is more commonly connected with 'American Football' rather than with "association football" - also known as 'soccer'.

Are there pads for leg protection?

In soccer (football) there are shin guards which cover your shins, obviously. But there are no manditory leg pads. You could google FIFA laws of the game to see if you are all

In soccer if you protect yourself by using your hand is it a free kick?

The Laws of the Game say that a direct free kick should be awarded if a player "handles the ball deliberately". Especially in youth leagues, referees generally determine that

What did you call soccer when it first arrived in the us?

Most likely football, the name in pretty much everywhere other than North America. Soccer is only used to distinguish the game from American Football, what people think of whe
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What to use on chair legs to protect floor?

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